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Transgender Student Issues

Trial For Equality: Gavin Grimm poses case to Supreme Court

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Gavin Grimm, like many other transgender students and people all over the world, just wanted to use the bathroom: a basic human function. After receiving the okay from his high school principal, he began to use the boys restroom as opposed to girls, which caused a stir within his community. The situation was taken to…

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Wrestling Rights: Transgender wrestler receives backlash after winning state title

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On Feb. 25th, 17 year old athlete Mack Beggs Beggs became the first transgender boy to ever win a state wrestling title. However, he was forced to compete against girls, despite asking to compete against boys. Beggs received major backlash for the win. Patti Overstreet, mother of a wrestler in the boys division accused Beggs…

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Transcend: Students delve into transgender student issues

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Now, more than ever, students are becoming more open about exploring their identity and are more comfortable with being their authentic self, but this has come with a big price. Laws such as HB2 , and movements such as the one to repeal the HERO act have had heavy impacts on the rights of transgender and…

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Whose Rights?: Transgender people have rights stripped due to HB 2 law passing

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Kai Bovik (10) walks downtown during Austin Pride with a transgender pride flag. Photo by Lauren Breach LGBTQ+ youth are slowly beginning to gain the freedom and the acceptance of those around them such as the right to marry the person they love regardless of gender, ensuring them a future they deserve. However anti-LGBTQ+laws such…

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