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Throughout the school year our staff will be doing intense investigative work on real world issues and will be updating and posting their research and final products here.

School fever: Ms. Dunavant makes the switch from middle school to high school

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This year at Ann Richards brought many new faces to the community, including Ms. Haley Dunavant. Ms. Dunavant is a “passion-driven” teacher who has taught seventh grade science for four years. She moved to Austin this year from Memphis, Tennessee, and this semester is her first time teaching grades higher than 7th. Recently, Dunavant stepped…

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Rodent on the run: Class pet continues to escape

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Amongst the many rodents around the school, one is special. Chubs Maloy has lived in Mr. Albert Marino’s math classroom since August 2017 – well, most of the time anyway. He’s been known to escape his enclosure and disappear for days at a time.       “Mr. Ward offered [me] a hamster cage over…

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Trial For Equality: Gavin Grimm poses case to Supreme Court

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Gavin Grimm, like many other transgender students and people all over the world, just wanted to use the bathroom: a basic human function. After receiving the okay from his high school principal, he began to use the boys restroom as opposed to girls, which caused a stir within his community. The situation was taken to…

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Wrestling Rights: Transgender wrestler receives backlash after winning state title

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On Feb. 25th, 17 year old athlete Mack Beggs Beggs became the first transgender boy to ever win a state wrestling title. However, he was forced to compete against girls, despite asking to compete against boys. Beggs received major backlash for the win. Patti Overstreet, mother of a wrestler in the boys division accused Beggs…

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Transcend: Students delve into transgender student issues

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Now, more than ever, students are becoming more open about exploring their identity and are more comfortable with being their authentic self, but this has come with a big price. Laws such as HB2 , and movements such as the one to repeal the HERO act have had heavy impacts on the rights of transgender and…

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Austin in transit: How Austin’s rapid growth may be at the expense of long term residents

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In 2016, Austin is a mere 40,000 people below the 1 million population mark, and it’s starting to show. From traffic, to schools, to businesses, Austin is changing. Over the next school year our investigative team will show where, when, and how Austin has developed over the past ten years, and predicted developments of the…

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ARS Athletics: Why district funding is important

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The 2016 Ann Richards Varsity Cross Country team warm up in preparation for their race. Photo by Maddy Schell. It was impossibly hot. No tree limbs reached out to give any sort of relief, and the white, chalky gravel was continuously being kicked up into my face. I could see the finish line about 300 meters…

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Whose Rights?: Transgender people have rights stripped due to HB 2 law passing

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Kai Bovik (10) walks downtown during Austin Pride with a transgender pride flag. Photo by Lauren Breach LGBTQ+ youth are slowly beginning to gain the freedom and the acceptance of those around them such as the right to marry the person they love regardless of gender, ensuring them a future they deserve. However anti-LGBTQ+laws such…

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