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Harvey and Irma, the journey to restoring our homes from the latest Gulf of Mexico hurricanes.

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In the last couple weeks, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have hit the coasts of the southern United States and surrounding countries, devastating millions of homes and hundreds of cities. Harvey and Irma are the only Category 4 Atlantic storms to ever hit the United States in the same year, let alone the same two…

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Jamming out: Ann Richards marching band preforms at Band Jamboree

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As good as new: Two perspectives on the new Youth and Government year

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  Wednesday afternoons are one’s that Yoselin Resendiz looks forward to. After the infamously mute school bell rings at 4:35, Resendiz rushes down to Room 150 and into her designated spot next to her Youth and Government (YAG) partner-in-crime Litzy Santana. It is Resendiz’s second year participating in the growing club, but her excitement is…

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Thoughts lead to words: Looking back on ten years with Ms. Goka

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Principal Jeanne Goka has three different fruit cups on her desk. For years, the Ann Richards School has boasted the most fruit consumed in the district, and if the lunchtime rituals of the school’s principal are consistent, it’s safe to say her adherence to the school’s healthy and well-balanced diet isn’t just talk. Words lead…

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Not getting enough Z’s: How sleep deprivation is affecting our next generation

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Sleep is an essential part of life. However, some people don’t get enough of it, especially young adults. It is recommended that teenagers from the ages 14-17 should get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Whether it’s because of homework, chores, work, electronic devices, mental/medical issues, or all of the above, sleep deprivation has become…

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The future starts today: Juniors interview for upcoming internships

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Vania Neri (11) works on her business cards during her STARS class. Photo by Yoselin Resendiz. On Wednesday, April, 19, the Ann Richards Class of 2018 were sent off to conduct annual Junior internship interviews. During this time, the juniors were partnered up with outside organizations- relating to their pathways- in order to take part…

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The valley: ARS students and staff debate Coachella’s worth

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Coachella in 2012, weekend two. Photo from Creative Commons. Heat rushed through everyone’s body. Tension held in the air as everyone pushed each other, running to get to their next location. What was a mile seemed like an endless road to many, with thousands of dollars on the edge. Though known as one of the…

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Wonder Women: Five women in entertainment that will go down in history

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Women’s History Month has just ended, but it’s never a bad time to celebrate powerful and inspiring women. Here is a short list of some of today’s: Gina Rodriguez Gina Rodriguez is the second Latina actress to have won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actress. Her lead role on the CW comedy-drama Jane the…

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More than a test: How one teacher helped students prepare for college admissions exam

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Each junior at ARS undergoes SAT and ACT preparation from the More Than a Teacher [MTAT] program during their second semester STARS class. MTAT is provided to students to help them achieve the best scores they can on standardized college entrance exams. Ann Richards is one of the only schools that provides MTAT at no…

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Hearing in color: ARS students polled for synesthesia

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Can you taste certain words? Do you hear colors? No matter what senses may mix in your mind, it can be safely said that if you experience two or more different senses from the same stimulus, you are likely synesthetic! Don’t worry, it’s not contagious. Synesthesia is a neurological condition that, literally translated from Greek,…

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The future is female: What Women’s History Month means to me

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When I first came to Ann Richards, it wasn’t because it was an all girls school, and that I knew the significance about the school being an all girls school. It was because I wanted a good education. I am, in fact, getting a good education, but I also got something more: knowledge about history…

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Schelling for coins: Student starts business to pay college tuition

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Photo by Maddy Schell. With a bouquet of poinsettias in both hands, twelve year old Maddy Schell walked up to a house that did not belong to her, with only one goal on her mind: to pay for her Camp Champions field trip – all on her own. With her dad’s entrepreneurial skills embedded in…

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