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Looking for a snack: Simple summer recipes you can’t beet

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Summer is a time for fun in the sun with friends and family. When you find yourself hungry,  anxious for someone to make food, you can do it yourself with some of these easy recipes. Impress your parents and friends with your impeccable culinary skills.   Lavender Lemonade Ingredients: 1 cup honey 5 cup water…

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Superior snacks: Looking into what students eat during class

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Students eat a lot during class. Eating can help pass some time or help you focus better. It is proven that blueberries, vegetables, and nuts can help improve concentration. For students, it’s common to snack in class just to get through the period, especially one of their least favorite classes. Snacking can range from just…

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A moment of reflection: How mindfulness practices have prepared me for life after high school

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A visitor stepping into the dark small gym, lit only by faint yellow Christmas lights strung on the ceiling, would be pleasantly surprised at the sight of one hundred or so students practicing yoga. However, eleven years ago–when Ann Richards was just in our beginning–the visitor would have been startled and speechless. Over the past…

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Not getting enough Z’s: How sleep deprivation is affecting our next generation

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Sleep is an essential part of life. However, some people don’t get enough of it, especially young adults. It is recommended that teenagers from the ages 14-17 should get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Whether it’s because of homework, chores, work, electronic devices, mental/medical issues, or all of the above, sleep deprivation has become…

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Captivating Canines: How therapy dogs improve my mental health

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The pressure that comes with being a high school student is more than one can explain. The four years of constant homework, tests, projects, and midterms start to pile up and at times feels like it will never end. As I begin the last semester of my junior year and start to plan my future,…

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Healthography: Where health and geography intertwine

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Your medical treatment can vary greatly based on where you are in the world, but new studies show that your health can also vary greatly based on your geographic location as well. What does geography have to do with health exactly? If you look up healthiest countries in the world, the same countries show up…

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