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10 reasons why we’re already screaming, crying and stressing

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We may only be getting through the first six weeks but trust me, it feels like we never left. Here’s some reasons why: 1- Homework Yup, you guessed it. We may only be 5 weeks in but we’ve already got 5 projects, 3 essays and 20 other random assignments that we’re probably probably procrastinating on…

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The Underground Vegetable: Students bootleg coffee and tea after new rule implemented

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*This is a work of fiction In the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, administration created a rule that prohibits students from drinking anything at school besides water. This instatement has caused competing campus mafias to form and the bootlegging of coffee and herbal tea. “There’s already some competition between the Earl Grey tea and…

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The Underground Vegetable: One Diréction to bring ventriloquist puppet of Zayneee Malik onstage for rest of tour

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News broke that Zayneee Malik, a member of the band “One Diréction”, would not only be leaving the “On the Street Again Tour,” he would also be leaving the band. Many fans are devastated, but the remaining members of One Diréction assure them that the band will be just as great without Malik. “Don’t worry, the tour will continue and…

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Woman given lifetime in prison for being indifferent about infamous dress’ color

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A dress has taken the internet by storm. Some claim the dress is blue and black, while others insist that the dress is white and gold. A young area woman, Zelda, was sentenced to a lifetime in prison for being indifferent about the color of the dress. She is now behind bars. “I was eating…

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