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Freaky phobias: Weird phobias of the ARS students and staff

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Art by Kai Bovik. Phobias are common in our daily lives. People can be scared of many things. Some shriek at roaches, others spiders. Some hurl at heights and others shiver in the dark. But what about the phobias that people have that aren’t so common? Things that are constantly in our daily lives there’s…

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Cafe-gym-atorium: The many roles for the cafeteria

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Ann Richards isn’t the only school that has a cafetorium, but when it comes to multi purposing, ARS definitely takes the cake. The cafeteria not only doubles as an auditorium but also as a dance room, gym, cafeteria, and after school activities center. “We’ve been sharing the space forever,” theatre director Ms. Marissa Castañón said.…

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The Polaris Mess presents: Hello, hallway – students liberated from classroom environment reflect on the diverse learning experience

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Facing a steady increase in both the student population and the number of rodent-infested classrooms, Ann Richards Stars have intrepidly taken their education to the streets, or, more specifically, the hallways. Hallway classrooms have become a new craze, possibly signaling the twilight of the time-honored ARS tradition: the ‘traveling classroom’. Some have referred to the…

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Partygoers and Partyno-ers: Which prom stereotype are you?

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With prom season in full swing, try to figure out which “prom stereotype” everyone falls into. We’re all a little different, and that’s what makes prom so much fun. Which partygoer or partyno-er are you? Read on to find out!   The date bringer So you’re here with a date. If you brought someone, you’re…

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The Polaris Mess Presents: ARS office staff evacuates main office due to mysterious stench

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Two curious discoveries were made last Thursday morning: 1) Ms. Goka had not come into school, and failed to call apologizing for leaving her stars leaderless, and 2) a potent smell was wafting from a corner in the front office and making its way into the vents. After five days the smell worsened, and spread…

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The Polaris Mess presents: A SATirical look into ARS’ hip new trend

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There’s no other way to put it: fashion is an important staple to modern day American society. With every season emerges bold statements, led by celebrities, fashion designers, and bloggers alike. Schools with uniforms have a hard time being able to fit in with said fashion staples, as they are restricted from going beyond the…

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Which journalism team should you join? Quiz

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Make sure to take this quiz before filling out your choice sheets! We would love to have you in our journalism family.

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10 Things you should know before coming into your local craft store for holiday shopping

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Rubber pumpkins, plastic Christmas trees, twinkling lights- all of which are great things you can purchase at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but there’s some key things to know before you enter the wonderful artificial winter wonderland of holiday retail shops. 1. Walk in knowing what you’re going for:   This not only helps…

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The Biggest Debate to Date: Students of ARS discuss their true opinions on candy corn

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A ring of candy corn. Photo by Magnus Manske. This October, many opinions on candy corn have been circulating and there is no unanimous decision. For years people have debated over if the treat tasted good or not, if the texture of the candy was flattering or not, and if it was overrated or not.…

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The Polaris Mess presents: Rolling into disaster, a satirical look at an epidemic of obnoxious backpacks taking over Ann Richards hallways

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As you walk through the rushing Ann Richards hallways to get to class, you may get stuck behind or possibly be tripped by a rolly backpack. As a middle schooler, or maybe even a rare high schooler, you may rely on one to carry your heavy materials for class. Those that suffer from owning a…

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10 reasons why we’re already screaming, crying and stressing

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We may only be getting through the first six weeks but trust me, it feels like we never left. Here’s some reasons why: 1- Homework Yup, you guessed it. We may only be 5 weeks in but we’ve already got 5 projects, 3 essays and 20 other random assignments that we’re probably probably procrastinating on…

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The Underground Vegetable: Students bootleg coffee and tea after new rule implemented

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*This is a work of fiction In the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, administration created a rule that prohibits students from drinking anything at school besides water. This instatement has caused competing campus mafias to form and the bootlegging of coffee and herbal tea. “There’s already some competition between the Earl Grey tea and…

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