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2019, A Year in Review

February 23, 2020

A timeline of popular events in 2019.       January 7 Rings  Ariana Grande released a grammy nominated song; 7 Rings. 7 Rings remained on the top of the Billboard Top 100 for eight consecutive weeks. Becoming ...

An Inside Look -The Grammy Awards 2020

February 20, 2020

Awards season are now in full swing, The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards occurred on January 26, 8 pm EST (7 pm CST), live at the Staples Center hosted by Alicia Keys, that aired on CBS. In case you’re not familiar with the Gr...

Female Deficiency: Women Directed Films That Are Oscar Worthy

February 11, 2020

  This year's Oscar nominations have sparked a lot of discussion on who was robbed of a nomination, and debates on who is deserving of the win. The glaring problem, however, is how this year is yet another without the...


February 6, 2020

From 2010 to 2020, music has had big waves of what was “popular” and songs that made continuous airplay. While the years have gone by our culture has evolved and so has music with it. The music style has changed in the past 1...

They Did The Right Thing- Director Spike Lee Wins First Oscar

February 6, 2020

After 30 years of making movies as one of the most influential directors of our time, Spike Lee has finally won an Oscar. On Sunday, February 24th, Lee came away with Best Adapted Screenplay for his film, BlacKkKlansman. Lee h...

Austin Wonderland: Winter Activities to do Around Town

February 6, 2020

Winter in Austin can be hard transition for locals. Suddenly, the familiar Texas heat is gone and all the typical outdoor activities are no longer an option. Luckily, Austin has a multitude of activities exclusively made for winter. He...

Welcome to Astroworld

January 14, 2020

The second annual Astroworld Festival that Travis Scott created took place in Houston, Texas on November 9th. While doors officially opened at noon that day, fans took it upon themselves to spend the night before on the sidewal...

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