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Reflecting Stars: Alumnae remember ARS days

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The Ann Richards alumnae returned Friday, January 8, 2016 to share their college experiences with ARS students and give them advice for their journey on becoming college students. They also spoke about living in the real world to prove to students that there is life beyond middle and high school. Alumnae reported that the ARS…

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I am THAT alumna: ARS graduate empowers students

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“Something was missing from freshman year [of college],” Tamsyn Stonebarger, Class of ‘13 alumna, said. “I can’t really explain it, but something was missing.” Tamsyn Stonebarger currently attends the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University as a journalism major. She co-leads the Arizona State University chapter of I Am…

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Class of 2016 Interactive College Map

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Visiting Hours: Colleges fly out ARS seniors for exclusive visits

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Senior Perla Grimaldo-Ramirez felt the plane pickup speed, and suddenly she was in the air and flying west. Way west. In fact, she was blazing a trail to California, where Pomona College, a top liberal arts school (and one of Grimaldo’s first choices), is situated. “Pomona is a school I’ve been interested in for a…

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How My Mom Made Me Realize College is Important

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When I was little, I remember pressing my chubby, small hands against the window, my cheeks smushed against the cool glass, watching my mom’s black Ford Expedition roll into the driveway late at night. I would hear my dad’s footsteps run into my room, and we would watch my mom exit the car and head…

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The final quest: Three ARS seniors named Questbridge National College Match finalists

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Senior Kimberly “Kim” Olea had been obsessively opening and closing her laptop all Wednesday morning. Sitting at lunch with her left fist balled up, she clicked with her right hand. “I could feel my heart in my throat,” Olea said. With another click, a new page opened. Congratulations, it read. You’re a finalist. Olea screamed…

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Ann Richards alumnae reflect on college and coming back

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Twenty-four Ann Richards alumnae trickled back to the place they spent their high school years this morning–only this time they wore visitor stickers instead of plaid skirts. As part of the Ann Richards sisterhood tradition, Alumnae Coordinator Ashley Robinson invited the graduated classes of 2013 and 2014 to return for the second annual alumnae panel to share about their college lives. “I…

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ARS graduates return: a photo gallery

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Alumni from the graduating classes of 2013 and 2014 came back to ARS to share their experiences in college on Friday morning. The sixth and seventh graders attended a showcase of alumni sharing information about their colleges. The remaining grades split up into three separate panels where groups of alumni answered student’s questions about college. Below is a gallery…

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