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‘Ye or nay: Why Kanye’s wrong about thinking for himself

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One thing that surprises people who know me well is that I love Kanye West. My Spotify account is eclectic at best, ranging from 50’s Motown to 60’s rock to 80’s pop, all the way to more recent music that fits under the general guise of “indie.” Kanye West holds his own special place in…

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Glossing over: How consumers should approach minimalist beauty brands

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Between the paper-thin pages of fashion magazines, stuck on the front page of Pinterest boards, and lining the walls of any makeup store, advertisements feature models with largely uniform makeup looks. These advertisements, with heavily made-up models, push on to the viewer a standard of 21st-century beauty trends. Some of these features – such as…

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Lights, camera, color: Capturing student makeup looks

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For the month of February, the Polaris Press is producing weekly content approaching the idea of beauty from varying angles. This week, we bring you a photo gallery featuring fellow classmates in images that explore color and makeup. Click on the gallery to get started!

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Choosing a path: Five eighth graders on their future pathways

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Selecting a high school pathway has become an inaugural tradition at Ann Richards that all 8th-turning-9th-grade students will go through. Rising high schoolers went between pathway classrooms, Biomedical Science, Engineering, and Media Technology, on Pathway Day to learn more about the programs they will commit to for four years. Here are five 8th graders opinions…

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