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Superior snacks: Looking into what students eat during class

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Students eat a lot during class. Eating can help pass some time or help you focus better. It is proven that blueberries, vegetables, and nuts can help improve concentration. For students, it’s common to snack in class just to get through the period, especially one of their least favorite classes. Snacking can range from just…

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Planning Ahead: Cecile Richards steps down from Planned Parenthood

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Cecile Richards, the eldest daughter of former Texas Governor Ann Richards, has chosen to step down as President of Planned Parenthood. She has been in charge of the nonprofit organization since 2006. Richards has overseen all decisions for the organization and has played a big part in advocating for reproductive rights. She hasn’t announced what…

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Hypocritical Hollywood: Stars pick and choose when to support movements

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During the most recent Golden Globes, many stars showcased how supportive they really are. The majority of attendees wore black along with “Time’s Up” pins in order to highlight the sexual misconduct that has occurred within the community. Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, and Harvey Weinstein are some of the major names amongst the group of…

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High Alert: America faces spike in opioid abuse

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On October 26th, 2017 The White House publicly declared an Opioid Crisis as an official public health emergency. President Donald J. Trump has stated that he would work alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping to combat the issue. Opioids are pain relief drugs that have extra strength and are highly addicting. Opioids allow the brain to…

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A closeted world: Gay men in Chechnya tortured for their sexuality

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Chechnya, a federal subject of Russia, has been hit with a recent spike in police violence against the gay community, with over a hundred men captured in early April. The men are sent away to secret facilities where they are mistreated and tortured for being part of the LGBTQ+ community.   Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov,…

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Trial For Equality: Gavin Grimm poses case to Supreme Court

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Gavin Grimm, like many other transgender students and people all over the world, just wanted to use the bathroom: a basic human function. After receiving the okay from his high school principal, he began to use the boys restroom as opposed to girls, which caused a stir within his community. The situation was taken to…

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Wrestling Rights: Transgender wrestler receives backlash after winning state title

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On Feb. 25th, 17 year old athlete Mack Beggs Beggs became the first transgender boy to ever win a state wrestling title. However, he was forced to compete against girls, despite asking to compete against boys. Beggs received major backlash for the win. Patti Overstreet, mother of a wrestler in the boys division accused Beggs…

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You’re Fired: Donald J. Trump fires long time inauguration announcer Charlie Brotman

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After January 20th 2017, Inauguration day, President Donald J. Trump began to make plans for the United States. Charlie Brotman, the man who has announced and introduced every president since President Eisenhower, was not included in those plans. Trump gave Brotman his most famous line, “You’re Fired.” Charlie Brotman was previously known for announcing for…

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Transcend: Students delve into transgender student issues

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Now, more than ever, students are becoming more open about exploring their identity and are more comfortable with being their authentic self, but this has come with a big price. Laws such as HB2 , and movements such as the one to repeal the HERO act have had heavy impacts on the rights of transgender and…

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Whose Rights?: Transgender people have rights stripped due to HB 2 law passing

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Kai Bovik (10) walks downtown during Austin Pride with a transgender pride flag. Photo by Lauren Breach LGBTQ+ youth are slowly beginning to gain the freedom and the acceptance of those around them such as the right to marry the person they love regardless of gender, ensuring them a future they deserve. However anti-LGBTQ+laws such…

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LG(BT?): Bisexual and trans people face erasure within communities

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Erasure can be defined as the removal of a person, place, or thing. Erasure has also been modified over time to mean “overlooked” and “ignored.” Over 40% of bisexual people have considered suicide. 75% of transgender youth feel unsafe at school. 100% of people interviewed said that both these groups were erased outside and inside…

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A Voice For The Voiceless: How extracurricular clubs stand against the status quo

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There’s not a core class on the injustices minorities face everyday, nor is there a class for the current events that are affecting our everyday life, like the black lives matter movement, Islamophobia, and LGBT+ rights. The Ann Richards School won’t let this stop our students from learning about these issues. Recently clubs like GSA…

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