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Not getting enough Z’s: How sleep deprivation is affecting our next generation

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Sleep is an essential part of life. However, some people don’t get enough of it, especially young adults. It is recommended that teenagers from the ages 14-17 should get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Whether it’s because of homework, chores, work, electronic devices, mental/medical issues, or all of the above, sleep deprivation has become…

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Learning outside the classroom: Students participate in academic competitions

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Diana Ramirez-Lopez, Devi Puckett, Asha Mani,  and Emily Weaver stand with their debate sponsor Ms. Devi Puckett. Photo by Maddy Schell (11). Academic UIL is an event in which students compete in district, regional, and state competitions against others in different scholastic categories, such as news writing, science, and mathematics. This year, an estimated ten students…

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Imagine, invent, improve: Photo gallery of VASE pieces

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On February 25, 2017, 35 ARS students competed in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) at San Marcos high school. VASE is a competition in which students enter art pieces to be judged on a scale of one to four, with four being the highest. Fifty-one art pieces ranging from traditional drawings, sculptures, or digital art were entered into the competition…

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Ready, Set, Create: Students prepare for VASE competition

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Visual Arts Scholastic Event, otherwise known as VASE, is a competition in which students enter art pieces to be judged on a scale of 1-4 (four being the highest). Art pieces in the competition range from traditional drawings, sculptures, or digital art. There are different competitions for elementary (TEAM), middle (Junior VASE), and high school…

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Brick by brick: Donald J. Trump begins plans on promised wall

in Beyond Our Walls/News by

During Donald J.Trump’s presidential campaign, one of his major promises was to build a wall on the Mexican-American border in an effort to prevent immigrants from crossing illegally via the border. Now that promise is coming into action. Signing an executive order for the construction of the border wall during a visit to the Department…

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Runner up: My transition to assistant track coach

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This season, while track runners are jumping, sprinting, and practicing, I will be behind the scenes acting as assistant coach. I will help the Coach Thiel and Coach Mendoza take attendance during practices, help set up cones and hurdles, time runners, run errands as needed, and make sure the runners are ready at meets.  …

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Giving back: 12th grade biomed students organize campus blood drive

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On January 18, 2017 the senior Biomed class will hold a blood drive on campus for students, teachers and staff to donate blood to We are blood. A bloodmobile will come to the campus where students and staff can go to donate blood during 8:30am-11:30am in the school courtyard. “In order to donate, you need…

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Looking at the full image: Spanish teacher reflects on state of Cuba

in Beyond Our Walls/Features/News/Showcase/Travel by

During the summer of 2016, Spanish teacher Ms. Liz Schnautz visited Cuba to explore the culture and traditions of the country. “I feel like sometimes the media paints one picture of what Cuba is like, and getting to go there, and actually meet the people, and stay with them, and learn their stories first hand,…

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7 People 7 voices: Students share their opinions on the presidential election

in ARS News/Our Voices/Uncategorized by

On November 8th, 2016 Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States. Below, students in grades 6-12 share their opinions and reactions on the President-Elect. Madeline Sansbury (6): “I feel like some people just want change, but I feel like it’s just gonna get really bad, and the economy’s gonna crash, and maybe…

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Getcha’ Head in the game

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Despite losing last year’s graduates, the basketball team is confident for the upcoming season. “I think they’re all really nice players, they have lots of skill and I think we’ll do really well this year,” returning player Jaqueline Galvan (11) said. “I think everyone’s stepped it up and I’m pretty sure it gonna be a…

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In it to Win it: Spiking past leukemia into volleyball

in ARS News/News/Sports/Volleyball by

The freshman volleyball team huddle up before a home game against Pflugerville High School on August 30th in the big gym. Last March, Mary Elizabeth, known to most as M.E., Powell (9) was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, AML. She has been in remission since August 17 and due to the effects of chemotherapy, she…

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Eyes on the Prize: Middle school volleyball sets goals for the start of the season

in ARS News/News/Showcase/Sports/Volleyball by

Coach Meg Brown talks to the 8th grade A team during a timeout in their game against Clint Small Middle School. Picture by Sammie Seamon   Volleyballs flew from both sides of the net as the teams lined up with serious expressions, preparing for their game. The 8th grade team was about to take on…

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