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Find the perfect gift with our annual holiday gift guide

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Georgia Oldham is a senior at ARS, a third year Polaris Press veteran, and a pretty cool cat all around. Born to an aristocratic family in Saint Petersburg; Georgia was quickly smuggled out of Russia and brought to Austin, Texas to avoid numerous political schemes. Since then, she’s been wandering through museums, watching way too much PBS, doodling on just about everything, gobbling up all the chocolate in sight, and honing in on her storytelling skills. She hopes to one day return to Russia to claim her generous inheritance, where of course she will continue to work as a foreign correspondent for the Polaris Press.


  1. I would LOVE to have a sloth calendar or the nightlights! This is an amazing article Georgia I love the inter activeness of it!

  2. The cat advice book sounds adorable!
    “The trick to get food is to yell as loud and long as possible until your parents make you some.”

  3. Thank you to Polaris Press
    Your gift guide can save me much stress.
    The bunny I’d like
    To give to a tyke.
    But send notebooks right to my address!

  4. I would love the llama notebook or the narwhal slippers! The notebook would be great for art or jotting down ideas in my classes and the narwhal slippers would be great since i go to colorado for christmas and it gets super cold up there 🙂 !!

  5. The desk caddy is my favorite gift. Its stylish, clean cut, and useful. Also it is portable and that’s what we need nowadays. I really hope it can help with my messiness. 🙂

  6. The unicorn light could definitely add some flare to my room, or the fun sloth calendar could really help keep my family organized!

  7. The Disney Art design book is really interesting and looks cool because I love Disney and seeing how it’s all created would be amazing. I also like the unicorn light because well…. IT’S A UNICORN!!

  8. I love the fluffy bunny jellycat! it is soo cute! I also really like that y’all added in the reminder about the importance of adopting pets. Animals deserve a happy holidays too!

  9. I would really like the sloth calendar, because it is one of my favorite animals, especially as babies! I also like to keep track of time.

  10. All these gifts are super cool! The best are the Decomposition notebooks and the Sloth Calendar because like, sloths are cool and calendars are cool, that’s double cool!

  11. I love narwhals and I love slippers and I would totally be the happiest narwhal slipper owner in the world because I have loved narwhals since the beginning of time and I’m a slipperless person
    I would be SOO happy and it would make me a better person and narwhal slipper owner :0 <3 and if not my brother would love to build a robot 🙂

  12. I would love to own the sloth calendar! I find sloths soo cute and I love writing things down, so a calendar would be perfect.

  13. I would just LOVE to have that sloth calendar! No one, and I mean NO ONE loves sloths as much as me!! This would truly help me ring in the new year with some organization and some furry friends to look at each day! Thanks so much for this AWESOME opportunity APP. Love it!

  14. There are so many wonderful gifts! I love pets, I would love to adopt another cat for my mother or sisters (or myself), but we already have three so I doubt that will work. I also love all the journals and desk organizers, you can never have too many of either of those! I also love the animals calendars. Sloths and cats are both so cute, and calendars are very useful. There are just so many wonderful gifts! I think my favorite are pets however. It is important that we help decrease the number of animals in shelters by adopting. And any time of year is the best time of year to do adopt a pet!

  15. “When the weather outside is frightful!” (That’s a “quote” from Let It Snow by: Dean Martin by the way) Anyways when you get closer… and CLOSER to Christmas… it’s going to get COLD! Gasps, I never knew that! (sarcasm) What I like for christmas is decorated nice warm fuzzy socks. (WHO DOESN’T LIKE NICE WARM FUZZY SOCKS!!!) It’s cold out side and your feet will get super “frozen”. Fuzzy socks will just warm up your feet plus, they are fuzzy! I also like them decorated because it also puts holiday spirit into socks. So that is my favorite christmas present. In my opinion getting christmas decorated fuzzy socks, is like winning the lottery! Lastly which is off topic, I think it’s cool ARS has their own newspaper online! That’s all I have to say, bye! ?

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