Emily Ownby

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Emily Ownby can often be found photographing the sunset, drinking chai tea lattes, or complaining about theatre rehearsals. Emily is a varsity swimmer, an aquarius, a member of the YWPN committee, a Starlet dancer, a vegetarian, and SUPER STOKED TO BE ON NEWSPAPER. It’s her first year as a staff member and second year at ARS. Please excuse the mindless tap dance routines her feet perform under the desks…

As a musical theater aficionado and actress Emily Ownby is frequently found in front of an audience or camera, but in contrast she spends just as much time being filming as being filmed. Emily is an avid film maker and video production editor for the Polaris Press who collects playbills from the shows she attends and hopes to be in 15th anniversary production of Wicked on broadway. Outside of newspaper, Emily is a musical theater expert, a certified scuba diver, a member of the Young Women’s Preparatory Network.

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