Ally Wait

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Alejandra Wait, also known as Ally, is a sophomore who has a passion for writing. She plays soccer, does Tae Kwon Do and plays the guitar. Ally is hip with all of the memes, and goes by the nickname, “meme queen.” When a new meme is forming, Ally feels it in her bones. Some call it a sixth sense. When it is in its final form of meme-ness, her eyes snap open and she levitates half a meter above the ground and spins in the air for two minutes, locking the meme into the meme database of her brain. She has decided to go as Pepe for Halloween in honor of her favorite meme and her favorite holiday. Her favorite kind of writing is creative writing, especially poetry. Ally is a Scorpio. Her best talent is bursting out into song, especially during inappropriate circumstances. She is known for finding a song that is related to any conversation.

Alejandra, also known as Ally Wait, is the sports, satire, and our voices editor of the Polaris Press. You will often find her badly budgeting, procrastinating, playing soccer, and making other people laugh. She laughs for about 8-9 hours a week and prefers eating with spoons and bowls. Spoons and bowls are the way to win this friendly senior’s heart.

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