Get in the Zone: Seventh grade volleyball team advances to the zone tournament

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Seventh Grade B team volleyball player gets ready to serve the ball. 

The seventh grade volleyball team advances to the zone tournament and will play against Bailey Middle School on October 15th.

“I feel nervous, but it’s a good type of nerve you know? Like the ‘Bring it on,’ nerve,” seventh grade volleyball player, Natalia Castillo said. “Like ‘I’m ready for this’ nerve.”

This is only the second time the middle school volleyball team has made it to the tournament.

Seventh grade volleyball coach, Meg Brown, said that when their current seniors were in eighth grade they were the first to make it to the zone tournament.

While the players are confident in their abilities to play against Bailey, they feel as if they have a few things to work on.

“A lot of times we have problems talking [on the court] and people won’t call for the ball and it’ll drop,” libero for the seventh grade volleyball team, Ruthie McMillen said.

Brown believes the thing that sets this team apart from other seventh grade teams in the past is their experience prior to  entering seventh grade.

“They came into seventh grade, several of them playing volleyball on a team. We have a few who’ve been playing volleyball, well one who’s been playing volleyball since she was probably out of the womb, little Ruiz [Kaitlyn],” Brown said. And we have one who’s a competitive tennis player. So just kids who’ve been playing sports before they get to seventh grade.”

If the team wins they will play against the winner of the Bedichek versus Murchison game on Monday night at 5:30 at Ann Richards.

“It doesn’t really matter if it’s easy or not. As long as we try our best it’s good, but it’ll be a good game,” Castillo said.



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