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Clinton on campus: Social advocate and former first daughter visits Ann Richards

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Chelsea Clinton visited The Ann Richards School in celebration of the release of her new book, It’s Your World on Thursday, October 8th.

Members of local news and the Ann Richards Foundation were in attendance for Clinton’s presentation and student led interview for students, faculty and staff, and for the following private press conference. Clinton signed several copies of her new book for the ARS library and, with the help of some strategic planning, was able to take a picture with the entire student body.

Both in her book and presentation, Clinton emphasized the importance of girls education, saying that her biggest motivation recently is her one year old daughter, Charlotte. The new mother feels fortunate that her daughter will have the opportunity to go to school, and wants to make this a reality for all girls around the world.

“We have to make sure that there is the expectation and the ability to send girls to school,” Clinton said.

The Ann Richards School and Clinton share similar values and goals when it comes to opportunities for girls. This resemblance, as well as Clinton’s education and career, made Clinton’s visit particularly exciting according to several students.

“I’m fiercely optimistic,” Clinton said, explaining her driven personality that gives her no time to dwell on seemingly irreparable aspects of a problem. As a devoted activist, Clinton spoke about the importance of maintaining hope for the many issues facing the world.

During her presentation Clinton gave examples of several young people who are making nationwide changes like the ones she hopes to inspire with her own book, such as a girl in Hong Kong who was able to get the support of basketball player Yao Ming to help protect the diminishing number of elephants in Africa. As a child, Clinton said she read a book similar to her recent publish that informed her about helping to make changes despite her young age.  

Clinton described her book and the people and experiences that inspired her first endeavor as an author. It’s Your World covers world issues with the aim of educating children on how they can “get informed, get inspired, and get going.”


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