What would you do for a donut: Students create a competition for free donuts

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Seniors Reyna Ostos, Marisa Verastegui, Marlene Rodriguez, Courtney Williams, Myra Noralez, and Olivia Crouch recreated the popular ice cream saying “What would you do for a Klondike bar,” with “What would you do for a donut,” on September 15th.

“During a discussion we had during lunch I mentioned that I had a coupon that said if I get a dozen Kristy Kreme donuts I could get an extra dozen for free,” senior Reyna Ostos said. “But between the six of us, I knew we wouldn’t be able to finish 24 donuts. So we came up with the idea to create a competition to give them away.”

To win a donut, seniors were encouraged to post a creative video to their Snapchat story that would be judged by the students hosting the challenge.

“We only had four entries out of six spots but the ones we saw were really funny,” Ostos said.

The four submissions included videos of students dancing with teachers, students doing cartwheels in the hallway, student videos of artwork, and student tumbling.

Sierra Melomo submits a video of her artwork to the challenge.
Sierra Melomo submits a video of her artwork to the challenge.

“I sent in a video of me, Coach Brown, Ms. Mahoney, the athletic trainer doing a dance. A very nice dance,” Maya Nunez, senior said.

Ostos says her group of friends plan on hosting some type of contest each month.
“We’re trying to do one [a contest] once every month. And the next one we’re planning on doing is breakfast tacos. We don’t know what the theme is, but we’re working on it,” Ostos said.

Myra Noralez is a senior at the Ann Richards School. She has been a staff writer for the Polaris Press since it was founded 3 years ago. Myra is a cross country runner, and basketball player. When not doing school related activities you can usually find Myra giving back to her community, or hanging out with friends and family. You can almost always find her surfing the Yahoo page, or watching videos on YouTube. The motto Myra lives by is “ A day without laughter is a day wasted.” -Charlie Chaplin. She hopes the paper continues to excel, and eventually reach the stars.

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