A sweet reward: PTSA gives ARS teachers a delicious treat

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(Left to right) Ms. Samuels, Mr. Soden, and Ms. Blythe enjoy the spread of sweet treats organized for teachers by the PTSA.

On Back to School Night, ARS teachers were treated to a spread of sweets put on by the PTSA. The buffet included everything from fresh Starbucks coffee, to fudge, to cookies, to fruit pies.

“I love cookies,” Mr. Neal, an english teacher said, almost as soon as he saw the spread. “I like how round the cookies are.”

Right after school, teachers were invited to come to the office and help themselves to food from the spread before Back to School Night. They were preparing themselves for an evening of curious parents, eager to meet their daughter’s teachers.

For many teachers, getting ready for and going through Back to School Night can be challenging and a little stressful.

“Mr. Smith and I have been a little bit crazed today, trying to get everything ready, so its nice to have a little bit of a reward at the end of the day,” Ms. Blythe, a middle school art/STEM teacher, said.

As soon as the announcement was made for teachers to come down to the office, a steady stream of them trickled in to receive their just dessert. Many aid they were very impressed with the quality of the food.

“This is a really great spread. I’m definitely going to grab some sweets cause I need some sugar,” Mr. Smith, an art teacher, said.

As back to school night, which began at 6:00, inched closer, teachers made their way back to classrooms with fresh coffee and plates of treats, many of them homemade by PTSA members.

“This school is so nice, it really appreciates the teachers… I’m so thankful for that,” Ms. Blythe said before choosing a brownie from the spread.


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