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Class of 2022 finishes race for representation: Sixth grade election results

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This morning, the Class of 2022 gathered in the cafeteria to elect their representatives for the 2015-2016 school year. Eight candidates ran for president, seven for vice president, and two for class representative.

Presidential Candidates:

Lilyanna Castillio

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“We must stick together and get involved…but there is a catch: you must vote for me.”

Brissa De Avila

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I want to give them a leader they can trust that is loud and confident.”

Dany Hernandez

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I love interacting with people, I love speaking to people, I love making connections with people.”

Ali Jensen

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“Some people call me Jigglypuff…I was watching the debates with my family and I noticed a lot of people making promises that they couldn’t keep. I could easily come up here and promise that Skittles would fall from the ceiling or that everyone would get a personal unicorn…”

Cassy Steuerwald

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“As president, I would work to help sixth grade take over the world…whoops, wrong speech…together we will make this the best class that ever walked these halls.”

SaNaya White

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“A good leader should be respectful, like me; smart, like me; hard-working, like me; someone who listens, like me.”

Nora Willis

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I am a leader of three siblings and I have to make they’re safe and don’t run into walls.”

Makaya Wiseley

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“Difference can’t walk in on two legs–it marches right up to the front.”

Vice Presidential Candidates:

Terriona Brown

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I like to listen to other people. I know I like to talk a lot, but I also like to listen.”

Nova (Megan) Clarke

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I find joy in making people happy. I’m running because I want to make everyone in the school be happy.”

Naomi Davis

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I promise I will be open and listen to requests about the environment and the school…I want to make this amazing school better than it already is.”

Destiny Hester

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I would be proud and honored to serve this school.”

Ivy Moore

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I am organized, honest, and cooperative. In elementary school I started a newspaper…as Vice President, I would be just as committed.”

Symantha Smith

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“If you have any questions, come to me! My friends used to come to me and ask for help all the time.”

Talia Washington

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I want sixth grade to be as bright as any other grade. I want sixth grade to be as bright as the sun, basically.”

Class Representatives:

Samantha Cooke

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I’ll do my best to be kind and loyal to everyone…stick with me!”

Lily Marquez

Photo by Abigail Dougherty

“I have a couple of ideas. One, a game show night where students face off faculty. Are you smarter than a sixth grader? I don’t think so!”


President: Brissa De Avila

Vice President: Symantha Smith

Class Representatives: Samantha Cooke and
Lily Marquez

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