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Early bird gets the net: Student conducts man hunt for loose bird

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Seventh grader Paris Walker let a bird into the school yesterday morning, then proceeded to spend an estimated forty-five minutes chasing and catching said bird.

Under the impression that a group of students were locked out of the school at the band hall entrance, Walker decided to let them in. When she opened the door, a small yellow bird flew past her, into the school.

“I was so embarrassed. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, did I just let a living animal into the school?'” she said. “Everyone was so mad at me…I thought I was being nice.”

Shortly after the incident, Walker said she experienced some guilt and decided to try to catch the bird.

“So first I just ran from it,” said Walker. “But then I was like, ‘Ehh, I probably should help them look.'”

According to witness and seventh grader Kaitlyn Ruiz, the bird was, “fairly small, looked brown or black, [and was] very chubby.”

Ruiz said she did not think Walker would be successful capturing the bird.

After several minutes of unsuccessful pursuit, Walker decided to seek help.

“They asked me if I could catch it, so I got my net. My funball net,” said middle school science teacher Ella Miesner.

After mistaking a number of noises throughout the building for the tweet of the bird, and sighting the bird only to watch it fly away again, Walker and Meisner experienced victory.

“Ms. Meisner got a net and just grabbed it…so we walked downstairs and it was tangled in the net, so she just took it out of the net and it flew away,” Walker said.

When asked about her motivation for carrying out the hunt, Walker cited her apprehensions about what the bird may have been carrying.

“I was scared it was going to have some kind of disease and poop on the food and all over the school and it would be my responsibility to get it up,” said Walker.

When the bird was released back into the courtyard, Walker said she was relieved.

“It should be service hours,” she said.

Gus Dexheimer's favorite things are people and butter. She’s also a fan of puns, long distance running, power tools, realistic fiction, pastries, new places, old photographs, and good conversation. This is her third year on the APP, and her second year as Editor In-Chief. Gus can’t wait to continue exploring and investigating the people and the world around her via The Polaris Press. In her "spare time," Gus runs varsity cross country, works at a bakery/restaurant, and does a lot of talking. She lives by one of her late grandfather’s many unofficial mottos: things change.

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