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Varsity Volleyball Hitter Plays Cousin in Bastrop Game

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The Ann Richards vs. Bastrop Volleyball game this past Friday received a lot of buzz for obvious reasons– both teams undefeated, Bastrop being new to the district this year– but what most people didn’t know was that STARS varsity outside hitter, Ally Reznicek (11), was playing against her cousin, Quinn Blackwell (10), who’s a hitter for Bastrop’s Varsity team.

Reznicek, who is currently number two for top number of aces in the district, has been close with cousin, Blackwell, since birth and the pair played on the same club team together last Spring. However, despite their close relationship, Reznicek was “pumped” to face off her cousin on Friday.

“I think that going against Quinn will make the game even more fun,” said Ally. “It will add motivation to play stronger.”

All Reznicek (11), varsity hitter, laughs before playing her cousin at the Bastrop Game on Friday Night.
All Reznicek (11), STARS varsity hitter, laughs before playing her cousin at the Bastrop Game on Friday Night.

Others who heard about the face off felt differently. Some offered tips to Ally on how to stay focused while others just told her straight up how they felt.

“It’s awkward,” said Esmeralda Juarez (11) when she heard about the cousins playing one another. On the other hand, Reznicek’s AP English teacher, Ms. A-G, told Ally that she needed to give her cousin a hug before and a hug after, no matter what happened.

“I think its pretty funny,” Ally said laughing, “We’re making our grandparents sit in the middle, so they don’t root for one or the other. So far, there’s been a little smack talk between the Aunts and Uncles, but mainly its just a lot of fun.”

Ally and Quinn may be playing in the same game, but they have different strengths and won’t be playing the same positions.

“Ally’s a hitter and she’s got an amazing jump serve, but Quinn does different things,” said team manager, Alex Triampol (11), “They play different roles on the court.”

Quinn Blackwell (10), a varsity player from Bastrop, prepares to compete against her cousin.
Meredith Oldham
Quinn Blackwell (10), a varsity player from Bastrop, prepares to compete against her cousin.

As the game got started on Friday night, Ally’s whole family was watching. They were cheering for both girls.

“We’re really excited about it,” said Nancy Reznicek, at the game on Friday. Mrs. Reznicek is Ally’s mother and Quinn’s aunt, and has watched the pair grow up together. “They just can’t make too much eye contact, that might distract them from the ball.”

The game ended with a victory for Ann Richards, but Quinn and Ally both felt sure that the results wouldn’t change anything in their family. “Bragging rights maybe, that’s all.” Said Ally. Quinn agreed. “We’re a really close family.” After the game, the two players headed out together for a family meal.


Georgia Oldham is a senior at ARS, a third year Polaris Press veteran, and a pretty cool cat all around. Born to an aristocratic family in Saint Petersburg; Georgia was quickly smuggled out of Russia and brought to Austin, Texas to avoid numerous political schemes. Since then, she’s been wandering through museums, watching way too much PBS, doodling on just about everything, gobbling up all the chocolate in sight, and honing in on her storytelling skills. She hopes to one day return to Russia to claim her generous inheritance, where of course she will continue to work as a foreign correspondent for the Polaris Press.

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