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As the school year started this back up, a new set of ninth graders came in, eager for what the new level of school had coming for them.

“I thought high school would be just a dream and I would still be in the eighth grade,” Kelsey Atkins, incoming ninth grader said, “but I was wearing a high school uniform unlike anyone else.”

The high schoolers this year were excited to find out that it wasn’t just the uniform that would change.

When being asked if she liked being more independent, Keyla Blanco happily agreed, saying “We need to handle our problems by ourselves.”

“I think high school is about being more ‘you’, especially with the classes we have.” Giani Bright, 14, adds.

The high schooler’s found that they themselves as people have changed a lot as well.

“I’ve matured more in the sense of not everyone is going to like me, like, throughout eighth grade, and all of the other middle school years, maybe I’d be fake, or maybe I would try to fit other people to have everyone like me, but now I’m a lot more into having a few friends.” Alyssa Cerda said, reflecting on the person she’s become through her years at ARS.

high school uniforms
Photo of (from left to right) Delilah Abascal, Keyla Blanco, Giani Bright and Alyssa Cerda. All have been attending the Ann Richards school since the 6th grade. 

“I’m talking to people a lot more, I was a really shy little tan girl, and now I’m not!” Blanco joked.

When asked what they would be expecting, they all had a specific thing in mind.

“I would expect [this year] to be different because the classes are harder, but at the same time, I was smarter than I was last year, so I think I can handle it.” Atkins said.

“I hope to try harder, and be a better person, you always have room to approve.” Bright answered.

And when they were asked if they were proud of themselves?

Giani joked by saying, “Yeah, I haven’t gotten in prison yet, so I guess that’s a good start.”

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