Becca Alonso is a ray of sunshine. Warm, exuberant, and always eager to help and advise she is basically the coolest mom you could imagine, but a teenager. A proud parent to the cat Mochi, avid writer and photographer, and snack aficionado, Becca is arguably as well rounded as it gets. Since taking the position of co Editor-In-Chief in 2016, Becca’s brought the Polaris Press to the level that it is at today. Her ingenuity and stellar communication skills make her a key player on any team. But Becca’s greatest quality is that she always does her best to understand everyone she interacts with and where they are coming from, which makes her not only a great leader but a great friend.

While Smith College is the perfect school for Becca Alonso and Becca Alonso is the perfect student for Smith College, she will be tremendously missed here at Ann Richards. She is a beautiful person who is on-track to change the world. Thank you for all you’ve done for the school, the newspaper, and for me Becca.



Entertainment Editor

Dedicated Entertainment Editor, story design expert, and “mom friend” to many, Keyla Blanco has been a member of the newspaper staff since her sophomore year. Although she was placed in the class by accident, she realized how fun it was and decided to stay. Keyla is known to tackle articles that involve lots of components, like

interviews, pictures, and research. She is always more than willing to go above and beyond what is expected and all her hard work pays off. Outside of newspaper, Keyla applies the same drive to other areas of her life. In her early high school years, she was a member of the Starlettes, where a bright smile would radiate from her face during performances. Keyla is also passionate about movies and TV, and is attending Loyola University in New Orleans to study film next Fall. Keyla is a huge fan of superheros and could probably tell you everything about any superhero you ask for. She splits her love between Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC comics universe. If you ask anyone that knows her, they’ll say that she is very fond of Tom Holland, especially with his role as Spider-Man. The Polaris Press will miss Keyla’s dedication and hard work, and will be celebrating in spirit when she wins an Oscar.




Social Media Editor

First joining the newspaper at the suggestion of Becca Alonso, Alyssa Cerda has been a hardworking writer and Social Media editor. Along with newspaper, they have also dedicated their time to managing

Real Talk and GSA, and being the cheer captain. Being a first generation college student, Aly is excited to attend Southwestern University, where they will major in psychology. They hope to continue being an advocate for minority groups around their community and pursue activism throughout their academic career. Aly spent their time in journalism being a helpful, smiling face. Whenever anyone needs help, they offer support, both academically and emotionally. Their laugh can be heard across the hallway in the mornings before school, always making everyone around them feel comfortable. The staff will miss their shining personality and hope that their future is as bright as they are.


Beyond Our Walls Editor

Despite living in the shadow of none-other than the second Editor-In-Chief of the Polaris Press, Gus “Superior” Dexheimer, Gus Flores-Rascon has continued the legacy of legendary Gus’s. On any given day, you can find Gus showing up to school late, or spending her off period deep in
conversation about things from anarchy to movies. She is known for her well-developed opinions, and the many quote-worthy musings that fill up “quote books” of her friends. Gus has been an integral part of the newspaper team for three years as the Beyond Our Walls editor, known for her direct approach to editing, her work ethic, and her graphic design skills. Outside of school, Gus works at Galaxy Cafe, and is always willing exchange some of their delicious mac and cheese for a ride. Next year, Gus will head to Chicago to attend DePaul University as an Honors major in Philosophy, after spending six weeks traveling Europe with her three best friends. On the off chance that Gus stays on the “Grid” after graduation, we look forward to seeing what she does with her life.



Video Editor

Video editor, Emily Ownby has brought an energetic spirit to newspaper unlike any other. Between her seemingly infinite cache of musical theatre knowledge, her knack for making sure that her peers are hydrated, and her habit of taking on new challenges, she has carved a way in the Polaris Press’s history. Emily has had one of the busiest high school experiences, participating in multiple musicals, including RENT and Cabaret, working for children’s musical theatre groups, while being an involved student in National Honor Society and the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. Emily’s path in newspaper has been an interesting one, with a break in between her sophomore and senior year due to scheduling difficulties. However, Emily came back strong, not only creating some of the first video content for the Polaris Press, but has been the only editor to be appointed mid-year based on merit. We look forward to seeing her either on broadway, or immensely successful in whatever alternative path she decides to pursue.



News and Creative Writing Editor

When thinking of all the reasons the Polaris Press will miss Georgia Moore next year, it is hard to pick just one. Between her knack for pun-worthy headlines, the fantastic memes she shares during group break time,

and her enthusiastic leading of creative writing sessions, Georgia has left a large impact on the Polaris Press. With her love of design and Creative Writing, Georgia was a key figure in ushering in the Literary Press section of the newspaper. Outside of school, Georgia engages in other extra activities that allow her to share her talents for creativity with the world, including working with Heart Eyes Magazine as a contemporary designer and a member on the Teen Council at the Contemporary Austin. Georgia plans on attending Tufts University to study Art, where she will further explore her passion of design. Georgia has become a vital part of the Polaris Press for three years, where she has tackled large stories with enthusiasm, and has always been eager to help someone make a piece of art in Photoshop. We thank her for working so hard to make sure we can be proud of our paper and all the work we do. Wherever she ends up in this life, we know that Georgia will conquer it and make it her own.



Managing Editor

With his busy life outside of school, it is a miracle that Ezra Morales has time to commit himself to newspaper with as much passion as he does. As the Polaris Press’s co-managing editor, Ezra has not only demonstrated this passion throughout his high school career, but has manifested this drive onto his other extracurriculars. Ezra has worked

with LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations, run cross country, and worked at a local craft store. Ezra plans to go to Mills College to study education and public policy, where he hopes to continue working with and encouraging youth to find their passions.Ezra was born in San Antonio and is a parent of two cats. In newspaper, he is always the person to shout the best ideas or laughing hysterically on his computer. In fact, many staff members compare him to the neighborly elderly person. However, we all know Ezra will continue to do great things in his future.



Satire, Our Voices, and Sports Editor

There’s never a pitch meeting without the infectious laugh of our beloved editor Ally Wait. She’s the down-to-earth, goofy, lovable dog everyone always wanted. Ally has yet to decide what college she’ll be attending next year, but we know that wherever she goes she’ll thrive, thanks to to her infinite ambition and compassion. Not only has she brightened the days of the Polaris Press, but for the past three years she has also been commitment

 to the National Hispanic Institution, where her interest in social policy and debate has grown. Ally has also been a reliable and fearless member of the ARS Varsity Soccer team for the past two years, spreading her positive attitude and humor to ARS athletics. Her passions include saving the planet, traveling, and getting a well deserved nights rest, which isn’t hard to do with the hard work she does everyday. We’ll miss her jokes next year, but we know Ally will be making things happen in the next chapter of her very promising life.






Emily Weaver, The Polaris Press’ determined Co-Editor-in-Chief will be attending Rice University this fall to study Social Policy Analysis, Latin American Studies, and Philosophy with a minor in Politics, law, and social thought. Aside from newspaper, Weaver juggles her time between captain of the debate team, staff member at the Thinkery, writer for Rostrum (a magazine for the National Speech and Debate Association) a way she has combined her

journalistic passion and debate skills into one activity. She is also graphic design and camera operator for a TV show “Over the Lege!” Although not fluent in Spanish or French, she knows enough to hold a conversation with her father, who is fluent in Spanish and has taught her two cats simple tricks in both languages. With her seemingly e

ndless commitments, all of which she equally applies herself to, she still makes time to relax at concerts and have brunch with friends. If you ever need to find Weaver, follow the smell of coffee, most likely wafting down from the Journalism Hall or take a trip to Wheatsville.