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New as Dew

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When I opened my eyes,
everything was clear.
There was beauty
in everything my eyes touched.
Everything was new, new, new,
the grass dappled with dew.
my eyes pranced
around the world around me,
with the excitement of a child.
In this new season,
pregnant with change,
full of life and chance,
there is a certain grace there.
There is something lovely about the way an ivy leans,
something gracious in how
branches dance in the breeze.
The air is crisp with
something expectant,
something busy and fruitful.
There, in spring,
lies the urge to dance, and sing,
and do.
All that you can,
in the palm of your hands.
there is something wonderful,
about spring.

If you hear a voice down the hall, passionately talking about police brutality, poetry, or Voltron, it’s probably Creative Writing Co-Editor: Olubunmi Oni. Or “Bunmi”. She knows you can’t say the whole thing, so for convenience pronounce it “boo-mii.” The “n” is silent. They enjoy making their friends laugh, and learning new scientific concepts in their biology class. In the event that she is not talking, or writing, or laughing, Bunmi is probably reading a YA book to review for BookPeople, a classic for AP Literature. They hold positions in the Ann Richards BSU, Marching Band, UNICEF Chapter, and the NEST Youth Advisory Board, while balancing family, school, and poetry like a circus juggler. They dream of one day living Ohio or west Oregon to write poetry and eat seafood by the seashore with the wind on their skin. Until then though, Bunmi will continue doing all they do for their community for the sake of posterity and kindness, all while laughing.

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