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The end is near: School clubs and sports are coming to a close

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“It’s the end of the world as we know it!” Popular band R.E.M. said it best. The 2018-19 school year is coming to a close. With only one ‘six’ weeks left many extracurricular activities are going to district competitions and/or ending. Track and Field, Soccer, UIL Academics and Speech/Debate have all ended recently with the students left to reflect on their past season and look forward to the upcoming year.

“[The season-ending is] bittersweet, I am excited and also sad because I like waking up early with friends and being a team,” Geena Buentipo (9) stated. “I am going to miss all the people and definitely the meets, those are the most fun part of track because we get to be a team and one big family.”

While freshman are just starting high school sports, seniors have just finished their last high school sports season. Track isn’t the only sport where athletes are sad to leave, soccer players are also wrapping it up.

“As a senior, it was my last season and I am really sad I won’t be able to play with the team again,” Olivia Rose Grismer (12) said. “I am going to miss the good bond we had with the team and getting through 6A. We didn’t win that much, but we definitely had a lot of fun.”

Outside of sports, UIL Academics and Speech and Debate has recently ended. UIL Academics had districts on March 30th and Speech and Debate had districts on April 2nd. Although athletic competition can provide a very unique experience to students, academics are important to the student body as well.

“Academic competitions reach a greater range of students who usually don’t get to compete,” Academic UIL Coach Rachel Mahoney said.  “I love that there is [that]outlet.”

Even though the journey from the beginning of the season may seem long and tedious, the participating students experienced mental and physical growth. Students can identify this progress when looking back on the season from their first competition to their last.

“The [growth of the] team, was especially through how we were able to communicate more effectively,” Grismer (12) said. “We grew with our communication skills and grew in team skills to achieve our goals. With myself, as the soccer captain, I was able to grow my leadership skills.”

Coaches have also keep a key eye on player performance throughout the season.

“[I have seen] tons of growth,” Coach Rachel Mahoney said.  “I think the kids are more familiar and comfortable competing in events. Now they walk in and know what to expect and I am super proud of them Our effective communication in soccer has grown.”

Although this year is coming to a close, students are excited about the upcoming opportunities they will have.

“I am ready for [track] to be over,” Buentipo (9) said. “Cross country season is coming up next and I am ready for that.” 

Students are not the only ones excited for next year’s extracurricular activities.

“I think that this is a great year for the [UIL Academics] program to start small and start growing,” Coach Mahoney said.” I think that every year from now on it will just get bigger and bigger. I think it will just continue to grow.”

Extracurriculars impact the lives of students through morning or afternoon practices, Saturday meets and lots of hard work. Now students are able to reflect on their growth and hopefully look to the future.

“We all got to know each other really well through practices and games this season,” Grismer (12) said. “I am really proud of the work we put in this year.” 

If you see someone crying while laughing, working on early assignments or reading a thick novel then you are probably around Daniela Noonan. Daniela usually goes by her last name Noonan, mostly because everyone caught on to calling her that. Noonan is the Beyond Our Wall editor, mostly because Noonan forgets there is life outside of ARS and likes to bring that world back into the lives of the ARS students. She enjoys reading, mindlessly watching forensic files and other crime shows, ranting to friends, stalking colleges and genetic programs. Daniela can be counted on to wear cargo pants and call it fashion. She likes to write almost as much as she likes to talk.

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