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Queer Eye season three: A heartwarming Netflix original

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Netflix Original Queer Eye: More Than a Makeover has taken over the world recently, and for good reason. The show, a reboot of the mid-aughts makeover extravaganza, stars five gay men each in charge of one area of makeover-land. Its predecessor, Queer Eye: For the Straight Guy was focused primarily on making over straight men. More Than a Makeover has turned that idea upside down. They work with groups, men, women, and people of all ages, races, and sexualities.

Though in its humble beginnings QE was regarded as playful and fluffy entertainment, the show’s third season has a lot more to offer than beard oil and French tucks.

Every episode, without fail, features a lovable and complex “hero”. Heroes are the people that get made over by the fab five each episode. They have been nominated by those around them who have maybe noticed they could use a little help here and there, but at their core, they are lovable and heartfelt people.

This season, Queer Eye had its first team (a pair of barbeque-restaurant-owning sisters), its first lesbian, and many more intriguing and heartfelt heroes. The Fab Five tackled these challenges with gusto, and also managed to redefine reality television.

About the Fab Five:

ANTONI POROWSKI (@antoni) represents food and wine. While his adorable smile and perfect hair have fans swooning, Antoni is an intelligent and insightful guy that brings fun to the show. He teaches you how to make healthy and accessible meals, or in Tony’s case, cook for your family.

Tony Blanco gets support from the Fab Five in episode eight. Source: Netflix

JONATHAN VAN NESS (@jvn) is grooming, meaning he does skincare, makeup, and hair. Some people that are featured on the show don’t even have a routine! (In episode two, “Lost Boy”, JVN helped Joey Greene go from “only sometimes brushing his teeth” to hygiene extraordinaire.) Jonathan is here to change that and to get uncomfortably close to your face. Not only did he help mourning father, Rob, cut off some hair, but he also encouraged him to remember his wife in a more positive way.

Karamo hugs Joey Green in episode two. Source: Netflix

TAN FRANCE (@tanfrance) is Queer Eye’s resident fashion guru. Tan will give you some pointers on how to look your best, from anything to the famous French tuck to finding clothes that work for your body. He isn’t judgmental, only warmly suggestive if something doesn’t work. For example, in episode one, “From Hunter to Huntee”, he helped Jody Castellucci be comfortable in something other than camo, getting her into more age-appropriate clothing.

The Fab Five marvel about Jody Castellucci’s hair in episode one. Source: Netflix

BOBBY BERK (@bobbyberk) is in charge of making you feel at home. He will bedazzle till the cows come home, and even if you didn’t start with much, Bobby will transform your abode with plenty of wallpaper and cute knick-knacks. For Queer Eye’s first team makeover, Deborah and Mary Jones, two sisters who own a barbeque restaurant, got their cramped kitchen upgraded to include more advanced cooking technology, comfortable details, efficient design, and more.

The Jones sisters see their new restaurant for the first time in episode three. Source: Netflix

KARAMO BROWN (@karamo) is the culture expert of the show. He helps those on the show better their relationship with themselves and others. Though he often makes people cry, many featured on the show profess their thanks to him for helping them get to know themselves a little better. With gentle and in-depth discussion, Karamo helped Jess Guilbeaux come to terms with herself with grace.  

Jess Guilbeaux looks around her newly glam apartment in episode five. Source: Netflix

Later this year, Netflix will be releasing Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!, a miniseries. Filming is already in progress, so you can see more of the Fab Five soon. And if you haven’t seen season three yet, it’s on Netflix. It proves that the Fab Five can help anyone, no matter their situation.

I began watching Queer Eye because it seemed like a fun escape from reality. And while the show can be that, it is so much more. (I have cried while watching an episode.) Additionally, you feel as if you get to know each member of the Fab Five personally because they are so honest and genuinely close to one another. On top of that, every person they makeover opens up in the same way. I really, truly hope they get renewed for a fourth season. I’d love to see more of the Fab Five soon.


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