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Team Spirit: Starting The Season With Just Enough Pep

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Juniors Mariana Colindres and Makayla Klein pass the ball back and forth during one of the team practices. Photo by Chloe Williams.


Sophomores Alysha Puente and Angelica Monrreal run drills together up and down the court during a morning practice. Photo by Chloe Williams.


The cheerleading team cheers on the basketball team during a game against the Reagan Lady Raiders. Just this year, the cheerleading has expanded with more freshmen, and pumped up the spirit. Photo by Chloe Williams.


Freshmen Amina Serff Roberts and Ariana Arechiga practice with playing basketball with each other in a morning practice.“I feel like I have become more confident not only in basketball, but in everyday life,” Serff-Roberts said. “The team has helped me get out of my friend bubble and make new friends, especially with upperclassmen.” Photo by Chloe Williams.


Coach Thiel gives a pep talk to the players towards the end of morning practice while they cool down and listen. Photo by Chloe Williams.


Coach Thiel instructs the team on technique during morning practice, and the team crowded around her. “I enjoy the competitiveness, aggressiveness,” Junior Frances Parra, number 44, said.  “It’s the only only time people say they see me ‘angry’… there’s always a chance to make a comeback.” Photo by Chloe Williams.


Senior Ora Edwards prepares to shoot a lay-up during warm-ups before a game at the Ann Richards School. Photo by Chloe Williams.

Imagine a talkative blonde headed girl, sitting on her bed, Snapchatting her sister, cuddling with her dog, and listening to Rex Orange County all simultaneously. Chloe Williams is a freshman staff writer kicking off her school year in Newspaper. She enjoys roller skating, Youtube, and photography. However her core passion is percussion. She has a deep love for music, and has all of her life. Chloe is looking forward to being a new addition to the staff and the 2018-2019 Newspaper year.

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