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Bienvenidos: Spanish students host the first annual Latin American Cultural fair

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In the hallway next to the cafeteria, booths were set up with colorful decorations and bold flags. Spanish classes made “La Feria Cultural,” a Latin American culture fair, which represented México, Honduras, Cuba, Argentina, Guatemala, and Colombia.

Elizabeth Campos (9) helps paint a booth for the Latin American Culture fair.

The fair opened March 7th after school and closed on Friday the 9th. Classes split into groups, researching different cultural aspects and making posters with maps and national fun facts.


“The Spanish project means to me a book opened to the Latin American culture,” Alexa Minchaca (9) said. “We all know these places exist, but displaying them with their traditional foods and cultures and attractions it’s just really cool to see happen.”


Weeks were spent designing and building the booths and creating artifacts for the different countries. In Mr. Ruiz’s Spanish classes, the students learned basic steps to traditional dances including Merengue, Salsa, and Cumbia.


“It was really crowded all the groups kind of mixed together and dancing, ” Haley Cruz (8) said. 

Guadalupe Gonzales (9) dances bachata with KK Ruiz (9) at the Latin American culture fair


With a large Latinx population at Ann Richards, working on this project gives a chance for students to share and learn more about their culture. People attending the fair got to sample foods and take small flags with fun facts on them as a memory of this year’s culture fair.


“Culture is important to a diverse country and school like our own, so we all know what is going on and what is out there,” Spanish student Carla Pineda (9) said.


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