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Keep Austin Free: Things to do around Austin for no cost

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Looking for things to spend your time doing in Austin? Well, here are 12 free activities you can do with family, friends and pets all around the capital city of Texas.

1)Take your pets to the Barton Springs dog park and you too can go for a dip! With a waterfall and beautiful view, it’s guaranteed fun for the whole gang. Make sure to go when the sun’s out, because the water can get down to 67 degrees.
2) Cool off on one of Austin’s most well known splash pads in Butler Park. It’s a perfect place to picnic, watch the sunset, ride on your bike, or bring your pets.
3) The Blanton art and history museum in downtown Austin is free every Thursdays for students. The museum has special ephemeral -partially year round- art exhibits, so it will always have something new and exciting for visitors.
4) Take your loved ones and furry friends to an idyllic picnic at Zilker park. Participate in the active spirit of Austin by engaging in volleyball, swimming, and more.
5) Check out the Contemporary Art museum in Downtown Austin! Go on Tuesdays for free entrance, and check out the changing artists work and films.
6) Treat Yo’ Self to a scenic walk on the hike and bike trail and the Lady Bird boardwalk. This is best in the day time for the full effect of Austin; go kayaking, party boating, or even paddleboarding.
7) Go for a night out to watch the bats emerge from the Congress Avenue Bridge around 9:00 p.m..
8) Learn about your local and state government while exploring the large and historic Capitol building. Completed in 1888, you can take a tour of the Governor’s office area and see where bills are passed.
9) Pick up your spray paint and head over to the HOPE outdoor gallery, also known as graffiti park, where you can legally paint graffiti and street art for a great photo opportunity.
10) See live animals that are native animals to Texas and dig for dinosaur bones at the Nature and Science Center.
11) Get exercise and plenty of vitamin D by playing Frisbee Golf in Zilker Park.
12) Visit the Zilker Park year round Splash building next to the Barton Springs Pool entrance to learn about the animals and plants native to Texas.

Eleanor Jeansonne’s fate is written out in the stars as: undecided. She enjoys many hobbies including aerial silks, dancing, thrifting with friends, and geology. While the human eye can see a weakling, she has always been fascinated with chiropractic work and massage therapy, something she is considering for college. Eleanor is a sentimental person, given that her favorite book is the 6th grade summer reading option, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. Her and her friends favorite way to spend a rainy evening is watching old murder mysteries with actors such as Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. She is looking forward to using newspaper as a learning experience for college writing skills.

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