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Sweet Beginnings: New candy store opens for Toy Joy’s 30th anniversary

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If you’re a fan of the long-running toy store Toy Joy, then you might be excited to hear of a new candy and vegan ice cream shop called Yummi Joy. While celebrating its 30th year anniversary, Toy Joy teamed up with Cafe Ruckus (a coffee shop that formerly was located where Yummi Joy is) to bring more sweetness to the fans of the eclectic novelty toy store.


Walking into Yummi Joy you will be met with the smell of rich chocolate. Themes of pink and childlike candy are shelved all around the room. There is a large assortment of truffles and fudge with names like “Unicorn Poop” or “Party Hardy”. Yummi Joy brings excitment to young kids as there are many different candies and ice cream flavors to choose from. Adults can even find nostalgia from classic candies like candy cigarettes and Big League Chew.


The shop also features a Austin-based vegan ice cream company, Sweet Ritual. The selection of flavors range from classics like chocolate and carmel to unique ones like chocolate olive oil and squid ink. A small coffee menu is also offered so you can enjoy a shot of espresso while trying the inventive flavors.


If your sceptical about ice cream made with almond milk, you have nothing to worry about! Each flavor has has creamy consistency and tastes just the same as non-vegan ice cream.  


If you ever catch yourself on 2nd Street and need a quick sugar-fix, Yummi Joy is a great place to indulge. After, you can go and take a look around it’s sister store Toy Joy which is right next door.

Lucy Stagg is a sophomore who has a passion for both music and journalism. In her free time, you can catch Lucy in the halls with her headphones in her ears and her fingers clicking the keys on her laptop writing about the things she is passionate about. On the weekends you can either find her at concerts with friends or going to see a movie with her mom at the Alamo Drafthouse. Lucy’s experience in journalism began last year when she took photojournalism and is excited to continue being a part of the #JFam by joining the Polaris Press. In the future you can picture Lucy “in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies...” as well as travelling the world and continuing her passion for music by successfully teaching herself how to play guitar but for now Lucy is happy to continue writing for APP while the staff sings “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” every time they see her.

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