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Music in the metropolis: Upcoming concerts taking place in Austin

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  1. BROCKHAMPTON- This band is a mix of rap and classic boy band songs. Their music is happy at times and mellow at others. A typical BROCKHAMPTON song is a well-rounded upbeat rap song. BROCKHAMPTON has four albums out, all of which are on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. The first one is All American Trash, then Saturation, followed by Saturation II, and finally Saturation III..- Emos, 2015 E Riverside Dr. Doors Open: 8:00 PM. January 20th. Cost: 35 dollars.
  2. Mamafesta- This band has a style that is all-over-the-place called Jamband. Jamband is a style of music that includes a unique fan culture of jamming, which means fun relaxed music with a lot of different cultures and musical stylings. If you have ever heard of someone wanting to jam, it usually means they want to play music with friends, no pressure, just fun. This is the feeling you get when listening to Mamafesta. Mamafesta has one album, which is on Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music; Creatures of the Rhythm. – Stubbs BBQ, 801 Red River St. January 25th. 8:00 PM. Cost: 10 dollars.
  3. Holy Ghost Supreme- This band brings a mixture of folk, rock, bluegrass, and so many more types of music to their performance. Come to hear your favorite musicians being covered, stay for the humor and energy of their act! Their music isn’t on Spotify, but they do have a few singles out online.- Good Shepherd on the Hill, 1700 Woodland Avenue. January 28. Starts: 5:00 PM. Cost: Suggested 10 dollar donation.
  4. Majid Jordan- This duo focuses on an R&B style of music. Majid and Jordan are two Canadian musicians who met in college and formed their band from there. Their music has classic R&B, alternative R&B, synth-pop, and synth-wave.They have two albums and two singles out on Spotify. Other options to listen are Pandora and Apple Music. The first album was Majid Jordan, then The Space Between. Their two singles are A Place Like This and My Love (feat. Drake) [Remix] – Emos, 2015 E Riverside Dr. Doors Open: 8:00 PM. February 2nd. Cost: 31 dollars.
  5. Steel Betty- This is a band formed in Austin. Their music is a common Texan festival style. Their sound is something you would hear in only Texas, with it’s folk and bluegrass feel to it. – Stubbs BBQ, 801 Red River St. February 3rd. 10:30 PM. Cost: 6 dollars.
  6. Dossey- An electro-pop singer-songwriter, Dossey, is a more whirlwind version of Sarah Dossey, who has already been in two different Austin based bands. Dossey takes pop music and gives it an electric flip. She adds vintage beats, electric sound, and digital synths to what seems to be a simple radio sound. Dossey has one album, Diamond, and one single, Electric. Both are on Spotify. Other options to listen are Pandora and Apple Music. – Stubbs BBQ, 801 Red River St. February 9th. 9:00 PM. Cost: 8 dollars.
  7. A- Town GetDown- This band blends a collection of rock, soul, and funk into a unique sound. The instruments include drums, saxophone, and bass guitar, and the collected feel of the band is free and relaxed. They have one album, We Won’t Stop, and a few singles online. – Stubbs BBQ, 801 Red River St. February 10th. 10:30 PM. Cost: 6 dollars.
  8. The Peterson Brothers- The Peterson Brothers are two brothers who have played together since the younger brother was about ten years old. Alex, 18, and Glenn, 20, play with a relaxed feel. They both have huge smiles on their faces the entire time they play, moving together, and with a huge passion for what they do. They use funk, soul, and blues as their main inspiration. They have one album on Spotify, The Peterson Brothers. – Stubbs BBQ, 801 Red River St. February 14th. 8:00 PM. Cost: 15 dollars.
  9. Lights- Lights is a Canadian performer, her music can be a simple guitar, with just her voice, or more upbeat with different instruments. She has 4 albums and many singles all on Spotify. Other options to listen are Pandora and Apple Music. –  Emos, 2015 E Riverside Dr. Doors Open: 8:00 PM. Saturday, February 16th. Cost: 24 dollars.
  10. Fran McKendree- Fran has a more fun style gospel music to his performance. He has three albums and two singles, all on Spotify. Other options to listen are Pandora and Apple Music. – Good Shepherd on the Hill, 1700 Woodland Avenue. February 25th. Starts: 5:00 PM. Cost: Suggested 10 dollar donation.


* If you are looking for more great shows and music for all ages, check out Emo’s in East Austin! Prices usually range from 20 to 40 dollars. They have music from all genres, and most concerts are all ages. Another good place to check is Stubbs BBQ, they have live music every night and prices are usually 10 dollars or less.  

Sophomore Camille Pfister is a co-creative writing editor for her second year writing on the Polaris Press. Writing has always been one of her passions. At the age of eight, Camille decided to start writing short stories and her experiences in a journal and hasn’t stopped since. Her favorite activities, other than writing, are spending time with her close group of friends, working on being an ally and advocate, and learning more about the world through her peers and their experiences, as well as be there to support them. As a part of the newspaper staff, she hopes to reach a bigger audience with her writing and learn more newspaper skills. Camille also hopes to expand her writing style and broaden her view of the world by staying updated on current events and reporting about important topics. Her biggest goal for the year is to grow as a writer and help the Polaris Press improve as a newspaper and community.

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