• nina-3_24657260297_o.jpg
    A graffiti artist finishes up his art on January 4th, 2018 at the Austin Graffiti Park, atop Castle Hill. A few watchers observe him spray paint. Since the art is recent, you could go up to The Graffiti Park and see it for yourself, right at the very top and very center of the hill. Photo by Nina Drutz
  • nina-2_38816351584_o.jpg
    A skater is caught mid-action at the Heath Eiland and Morgan Moss BMX Skate Park. The skater practices some moves, as depicted by his limbs as they help balance him. Though not seen, more skaters make some moves as Ann Richard’s Students take more photos, supported by the skater’s provided actions making for good practice. Photo by Nina Drutz
  • nina_25654315108_o.jpg
    Another skater caught mid-action gracefully skates down a ramp in the Heath Eiland and Morgan Moss BMX Skate Park. They are casually skating, facing straight ahead. As her calm gaze is held forward, a person in the background balances themselves. Though not seen, there are more Ann Richards students waiting for good shots and actions for photos. Photo by Nina Drutz.
  • molly_25654316338_o.jpg
    Ben Peterson stands in a window of Amy’s ice cream on a cold week in January. He says that as it gets colder business decreases. A week that was suppose to make $5,000 only made $800. Peterson says “ I like to work in the summer more because time goes by faster.” Photo by Molly Pacheco.
  • kaylee_25654315308_o.jpg
    Destiny Sigales (6) and Jayden Davilla(6) look at art work below them at Castle Hill. They were at Castle Hill to take pictures of artists spray painting art work for intercession. Photo by Kaylee Cervantes
  • jayden_38816351654_o.jpg
    Cate Landstirom takes a picture in front of the “I love you” sign on South Congress. She saw the sign on a blog and came from Michigan to see the it. “I just think it’s very sweet,” said Landstirom. Photo by Jayden Davilla
  • destiny-2_38816351704_o.jpg
    Cory Quach, and his finace take a picture in front of the i love you sigh on congress.the couple travel from Hong Kong to take this photo" it's nice to see something like this considering 2017 was pretty crappy " says Cory Quach. Photo by Destiny Sigales
  • briana_38816351854_o.jpg
    Arianna Rodriguez (6) throws leaves in the Ann Richard School courtyard on January 3. Rodriguez was modeling for intersession photojournalists who practicing action shots. “I love nature and how the sun shines,” Rodriguez said. Photo by Briana Mondragon (6).
  • birdy_38816351114_o.jpg
    Holley is smiling as she tells us about her job working at Big Top Candy shop. This candy shop opened around 10 or so years ago. She says, “I like working here because there is a good energy here, especially with my coworkers, we all care about each other.” Photo by Sofia Bird.
  • amanda-3_24657259947_o.jpg
    A boy skates towards on of Austin’s more well-known skate park while enjoying a drink and snack. Photo by Amanda Macias Schreiber.
  • amanda-2_38816351334_o.jpg
    Amanda Macias Schreiber (8) is completing a photography scavenger hunt on January 3, 2018. Amanda really enjoys when photographers take a picture of themselves in the mirror. “The frame was interesting and I liked the style, so I took the picture.” Photo by Amanda Macias Schreiber.
  • amanda_24657259847_o.jpg
    Lily Yepez (12) was talking with a friend in the office on January 3, 2018. Lily was a member of the office staff for intercession. Photo by Amanda Macias Schreiber.
  • addy_24657259977_o.jpg
    A skater is getting ready to do a trick a the top of a slope. Heath Eiland and Morgan Moss BMX Skate Park is where many skaters and bikers can relax and do the things that they love. It was made in memory of Morgan Moss and Heath Eiland. Photo by Adaline Purcell.
  • adamaris-3_38816351374_o.jpg
    Photo by Adamaris Olivares.
  • adamaris-2_24657260157_o.jpg
    Photo by Adamaris Olivares.
  • adamaris_24657260047_o.jpg
    Photo by Adamaris Olivares.

Out and About: Gallery from Journalism intercession

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The following content was generated from January 3-5 during the Film Photography and Intro to Journalistic Writing Intercession, led by Ms. Walker and Polaris Press editors Gus Flores-Rascon, Keyla Blanco, Ezra Morales, and Emily Weaver. Photos and captions were taken and written by intercession participants from grades 6-10.

On January 4, 2018, the intercession for “Film photography and intro to journalistic writing” went on a trip to south congress. They interviewed people in the streets to write about a place or experience that they chose. Without fear, they roamed to trough streets taking pictures and asking questions to get more information. They even went to House park skate park and a graffiti park in Castle Hill. They took many pictures showing off what they have learned using shutter speed and aperture mode. They worked really hard and had no fear of what answer they would receive. – Adamaris Olivares.

If Indie alternative rock is playing in the background and you see a curly headed girl with a highbrew in her hand you are likely to have run into Polaris Press Print Editor in Chief Emily Weaver. Emily has been involved with The Polaris Press since her freshman year of highschool at the Ann Richards School, and at that time it wasn’t a class but just a club she went to weekly. Emily is always completing tasks, you’ll find her surprisingly calm with tons of finished assignments around her just waiting to tackle on the next one. Alongside finishing these tasks Emily also problem solves constantly. She’s constantly learning from those around her to fix the issues she sees around her, which she brings into newspaper. You can expect more problem solving from Emily in her next few years of college after her final year of high school.

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