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Running to the top: Track and field take on area meet

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Anna Shcherbakova (9) entertains Sammie Seamon (10) and Olivia Rose Griesmer (10) with a funny story while waiting to run the mile at the track meet at Burger Stadium. Photo by ARS Press.

After competing in the District meet on April 6th, the Ann Richards track and field athletes went to compete in the Area track meet to complete the season.

The Area track meet took place on April 19th-20th in Marble Falls, Texas.

“The meet was very exciting, we got to compete in the Liam Manzano Field; he was an Olympian in Marble Falls and he medaled in the 1800m,”  Track coach Albert Marino said. “As a coach it was an honor to coach there.”

The Ann Richards track team was very supportive and encouraged each other at the meet. Anne Katula (9) ran the 200m and afterwards helped Claudia Luong (10) for her race.  

“Anne took it upon herself to warm-up her teammate, Claudia, and encourage her,” Marino said. “Claudia ran the best race of her season, she  [made a personal record], and placed 6th in a very tough field.”

“Even though all the runners were very fast and intimidating, once I started running I was like ‘alright I got this’,” Luong said.

Afterwards, the team celebrated at Kerbey Lane and continued to bond with each other.

“My favorite moments with the team are probably eating Kerbey Lane at 10pm after Area, and Mikayla [Nuemeyer] is sitting with her eyes barely open, eating chips and queso because she was so exhausted,” Sophie Ward (10) said. “We were all laughing and messing with her and it made for a really fun dinner.”

“Having my teammates with me through every moment of the season helped push me to always try my hardest and become a better athlete,” Ward said.


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