ARS freshman tour liberal arts colleges in San Antonio.

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The Ann Richards class of 2020 tried something new with their annual college trip this year. The grade split into three groups and each group toured 2 liberal arts colleges in the San Antonio or Georgetown area. Students in each group took notes while on their tours so that they could later present their colleges to other students who went on a different trip. 

Ahna, APP’s Visuals and Graphics Editor, is looking forward to her second year on the newspaper staff. Now in 10th grade, Ahna enjoys running on the Cross Country team in preparation for soccer season, creating art, and working in activism. Ahna’s preferred medium of art is digital production, with a focus on portraits and color editing. Ahna values animal welfare, and has volunteered with animal rescue organizations, and rescued her family’s dog. Ahna loves trying new things, avoiding squirrels, and showing off her amazing card tricks.

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