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Better than ever: Ann Richards alumni give college wisdom

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Gus Dexheimer (Class of 2016, currently at Macalester College)

“I think my favorite part of college is meal times. Not because the food is good, but because it’s a very social time, and I have always been a social eater. I like to spend an hour or two on dinner. Everyone’s just hanging out, always getting more food, you always get to know people better during dinner. It’s great if you’re an extrovert, meal time is the place to be.”

Lucy Saucedo (Class of 2016, currently at Texas Tech University)

“The best part about college is that you have a lot of free time, you get to go to different places, meet different people, have different connections with different people. College is very nice, it’s better than high school, I can tell you that.”

Willa Smith (Class of 2016, currently at Barnard)

“Don’t expect to get the same grades as you did in high school. If you got A’s in high school you probably won’t get A’s in college… C’s get degrees, that’s my motto.”

Rose Casso (Class of 2013, currently at Colorado State University)

“I can learn more, I can be more, by going to college…I know its stressful to do all the things necessary to get into college, but once you do it it’s like, ‘okay I’m here, I can get a degree, I can get a better job, and be more by going to college.”

Georgia Oldham (Class of 2016, currently at Tufts University)

“One thing that surprised me was that it was really hard being that far away from home, and that far away from my friends. When they talked to you about going away to college, it was like, ‘oh, you’ll be fine, you’re a normal kid.’ In reality, it’s really hard being far away.”

Miranda Toy (Class of 2016, currently at UT Austin)

“College overall is better because you have more freedom. It’s a nice transition to adulthood, because you’re on your own, but you still have a meal plan and a place to live. Ann Richards was incredible, and nice, and I have no regrets. I spend 7 years here, and it was kinda nice to go somewhere else. You get to meet a lot of new people, and kind of grow as a person.”

Myra Noralez (Class of 2016, currently at Texas A&M Corpus Christi)

“I have a lot of good memories of my high school years, but the most fun one was the sophomore college trip to Illinois.”

Perla Grimalda (Class of 2016, currently at Pomona College)

“I go to a liberal arts school. I love it, but it’s hard. You declare [your major] sophomore year, and I’m thinking about politics major, but I’m a premed student so I take all those classes too.”

Erin Willard (Class of 2014, currently at UT Austin)

“I think it is the freedom to make your own decisions, make your own opportunities, and make your own mistakes. The expectation is that you’re gonna mess up, and you’re going fix those mistakes, and you’re not going to make them again.”

Reyna Ostos (Class of 2016, currently at Texas TechUniversity)

“My most memorable moments in high school were made in my sophomore year with our college trip.”



If Indie alternative rock is playing in the background and you see a curly headed girl with a highbrew in her hand you are likely to have run into Polaris Press Print Editor in Chief Emily Weaver. Emily has been involved with The Polaris Press since her freshman year of highschool at the Ann Richards School, and at that time it wasn’t a class but just a club she went to weekly. Emily is always completing tasks, you’ll find her surprisingly calm with tons of finished assignments around her just waiting to tackle on the next one. Alongside finishing these tasks Emily also problem solves constantly. She’s constantly learning from those around her to fix the issues she sees around her, which she brings into newspaper. You can expect more problem solving from Emily in her next few years of college after her final year of high school.

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