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A pretty sweet adventure: Middle school UIL play Two Donuts

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This wonderful middle school play is about a little boy named Pepito. His grandmother had recently died, but came to him during a dream. She gave him two Guatemalan worry dolls named Modesto and Ridiculo. Who granted him three wishes. Pepito’s first wish was to go to Guatemala. Instead he got sent to Cuate-Mala. While there he went on an epic adventure to save the citizens and the magical flower.

When I asked one of the crew members what she thought about the experience she said“ I really liked working in crew… I think we all worked well together,” Anya Bird (7). This I noticed helps show how the theater community is close and like a family by the end of a production. You could tell too. They all worked seamlessly together even when not working on the production.

I also asked a cast member what they thought about being in the play. She responded with “I really enjoyed working on the play and I think everyone did a great job,” Ava Angelini (8). I could feel everyone’s spirit and love for acting and being part of the play by the end of the production. Especially when they all took a bow.

Over all the play was very entertaining, and you could tell that the students worked very hard, and had fun doing it. The next Theater production is in the spring, and is the high school UIL play called As It Is In Heaven.



Pepito – Frida Capitan

Panadero – Izzy Ochoa

Panadero’s Helper – Ruby Seamon

Abuela – Katelyn Perez

Flores – Brissa De Avila, Mairany Serrano, Dany Hernandez, Anabelle Glass

El Sol – Anya Talbot

La Luna – Cassy Steuerwald

Goddess of Lightning – Emme Veselka

Madre – Kala Newton

Modesto – Victoria Aviles

Ridiculo – Calista Marquez

Little Girl Footsteps – Maddy Cazares

Other Little Girl Footsteps – Dany Hernandez, Mairany Serrano,  Anabelle Glass

Tirado – Ellie Geeslin

Comandante Boots – Viktoria Hunt

Sergeant Botas – Jackie Maclean

Nose/Army – Layla Webb

Bumble Zapper/Army – Elena Guajardo

Eye/Army – Zia Malangalila

Plane Pair of Shoes – Sophie Peloquin

Baby Manatee – Anabelle Glass

Great Sea Tortunga – Ava Avanelini


Brissa De Avila

Dany Hernandez

Mairany Serrano

Anabelle Glass


Stage Manager – Karen Sanchez

Kk Ruiz

Valentina Salazar

Anya Bird

Carmen Maldonado

Anastacia Patino


Marissa Castañón-Hernandez

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