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Survive and conquer: Steps to managing midterm madness

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Made by Ezra Morales
Made by Ezra Morales

Whether you’re a freshmen taking your first round of midterms or a senior taking your last, we can all agree that end-of-semester exams are easier said than done. Here are some noteworthy steps to surviving this rigorous time.

Step one: Prepare

Start by making a list of all the things you need to complete before exam day starts. After that, gather all of your study materials/review packets and plan to organize and delegate in order of how difficult they might be. Make the most difficult tasks/review your top priority in order to get them done and out of the way, so you can finish the easy things when you may have less time to do so.

Step two: Study

Form study groups with people who won’t distract you and study in a place free of disturbances to maximize your study time. Take study breaks at a consistent pace (ex: study for 30 minutes, stop, take a 10 minute break, study for 30 minutes, stop, take a 10 minute break, etc.). When studying don’t simply memorize definitions but rather review your notes and ask yourself “Did I really understand this? Should I talk to a teacher about this? Do my friends know what this is about?”

Step three: Nourish your body

It is important to consume healthy foods and drink plenty of water to keep yourself energized and to not feel sluggish or exhausted. Pack healthy snacks for lunch and study break time, and carry around a refillable water bottle at school.

Step four: Rest

It’s crucial to not go into your finals exhausted and running on two hours of sleep. You’re going to need your full focus each time you take a final. Plan on going to sleep earlier to try and get at least the recommended eight hours for adults, although studies show that teenagers should be getting upwards of nine and a half hours of sleep.

Following these four steps (along with practicing the always necessary self-care/self-love) should make tackling finals a lot less difficult and hopefully less stressful as well.

Ezra Morales is well rounded, hard working senior and Managing Editor for The Polaris Press. You can catch him running for cross country, playing soccer, or working at the craft store and Trans Student Educational Resources. He is passionate about changing the world and making schools safer for the LGBTQ+ community.

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