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10 Things you should know before coming into your local craft store for holiday shopping

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Ezra Morales (11) assists a customer with her purchase. Photo courtesy of Patricia Messer.
Ezra Morales (11) assists a customer with her purchase. Photo courtesy of Patricia Messer.

Rubber pumpkins, plastic Christmas trees, twinkling lights- all of which are great things you can purchase at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but there’s some key things to know before you enter the wonderful artificial winter wonderland of holiday retail shops.

1. Walk in knowing what you’re going for:


This not only helps your workers but it helps you too! This might sound peculiar but craft store employees aren’t superheroes; we can’t magically have items you saw online appear at our store. Call ahead, let us know, we’ll be happy to check for you. Also it might just be helpful to come in knowing what you want because you can easily walk the store for a good hour and end up buying $300 worth of craft supplies

2. Grab a basket:


Don’t stress yourself out, the baskets are there for a reason. Glitter is heavy, candles are heavy, Frosty the Snowman coloring books are heavy. Do yourself a favor, treat yo’ self, get a basket.

3. Don’t place things you don’t want anymore wherever you feel like it:


Bring it to the register, put it back where you found it, ask an employee if they can take it back for you. No matter what please don’t place your items in random spots; it makes it harder not only for employees but for customers as well. For example if you place something in a random spot with a sign that says “50% off” customers are going to assume everything in that section actually is 50% off but in reality it is a regular priced item. Which leads me to….

4. Read signs/ads/labels carefully:


Double check and see if the singular item is half off or if the sale is buy one item, get the other item for half off. Don’t be afraid to ask or confirm with your cashier before checking out, also…

5. Don’t argue with cashiers on sales:


Believe it or not, we actually know what we’re doing. We check sales, we check coupons, we check the store: We know what we’re doing! That’s our job.There’s really not enough time in the day for our manager to come up and tell the exact same thing we’re telling you. So please, for the love of pumpkin spice lattes, don’t argue with cashiers.

6. Have your coupons ready before you get in line:


It takes about two minutes to log on to or and check your weekly ad for the coupons and shockingly enough, those two minutes are a long time for people waiting in line; You probably know because the person in front of you is doing this exact thing and slowing down the line. Speaking of slowing down the line…

7. Be sure you have all your items:


Don’t come up to the register and then leave to go get something else. It slows down everything. And trust me, we want you out of the store as fast as possible too; We will probably have 5 more customers walk in as you walk out. So please, before coming in line, double check your baskets and lists and come up when you’re ready.

8. If your transaction is less than $20 please do not hand us $100 bills:


Most of the time there’s not enough change in the drawer, causing us to call our manager over the walkies, making your transaction last longer than needed, making the line longer and overall slowing down the entire checking out process.

9. Sign up for rewards programs:


It really is worth it and it really is quick. All you have to do is use your email and phone number, and you might even get a coupon or discount with it. Who knows? Sign up and you’ll find out!

10. Don’t walk in the store two minutes before we close:


Unless you want the most exhausted, glitter covered and probably upset cashier to check you out, I would suggest walking through the door at least ten minutes before the store closes.

Hopefully this gave some insight as to how to navigate your holiday shopping. And of course, thank you for shopping at Michaels, where creativity happens.

Ezra Morales is well rounded, hard working senior and Managing Editor for The Polaris Press. You can catch him running for cross country, playing soccer, or working at the craft store and Trans Student Educational Resources. He is passionate about changing the world and making schools safer for the LGBTQ+ community.

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