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Scary Spice: What Pumpkin Spice shouldn’t be in

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In the more recent year, the pumpkin spice flavoring has increasingly become closely tied to the coming of fall. Coffee shops lets us know when leaves have started falling by pouring pumpkin spice flavored items on the menu again. Pumpkin spice can be good in the occasional pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving, however, I fail to see why America has such an obsession with putting this spice in anything and everything.
From drinks to lip balm’s, pumpkin spice is used to scent and flavor seasonal items. However, as soon as Christmas is over, a lot of the pumpkin spice related items are pulled off the shelves and are forgotten until Halloween comes around again. What is this spice, you may ask? Pumpkin spice is a concoction of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger and is a huge staple when it comes to winter holiday cooking.
While there are some foods and items that belong with pumpkin spice, here are some items that have no business combining themselves with this flavoring:

Pumpkin Spiced Butter
The idea behind this sounds good for about two seconds. Then you begin to realize that Pumpkin Spice was followed by butter. It sounds good maybe for a bagel, but there is cream cheese that is already made for that reason.

Pumpkin Spiced Pasta Sauce
What was the thought process for this one? Pasta sauce that tastes like pumpkins. Again, sounds like a good idea until you realize that pumpkin spice and pasta noodles don’t really go well together unless you have pumpkin spice noodles.

Pumpkin Spice Salsa
There are multiple flavors of salsa, however, pumpkin spice should not be one of them. How do you make this spicy? How do you eat this with chips? Before you ask, yes, this is actual salsa that can be found next to tortilla chips. I wonder if this is all year round, or just appears on the shelves during the fall holidays.

Pumpkin Spice Lotion
The moment anyone opens up any scented lotion in class, the smell of it haunts you all day. Imagine the overpowering smell of pumpkin spice constantly reminding you that it’s real.

If you truly love pumpkin spice, then you will love all of these items. You can find these pumpkin spiced infused foods and lotion at regular shopping markets such as HEB, Walmart and Walgreens.

Alia is currently in the class of 2017 and this is her first year as a member of the Polaris Press. Alia loves to play videogames, solve riddles, and to obsess over her TV shows she watches. When not worried about school you can find her reading, listening to music, playing her games and enjoying her time with her family. While she likes to be active, sometimes her days just call for her to lay out on her floor in her bedroom surrounded by her weird colored blue-green walls thinking about random things.Even though she says she would totally survive a zombie apocalypse because of the amount of Walking Dead she watches, she knows deep inside her soul that she really won’t because they are a lot scarier in real life than on TV.

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