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The final push: How to ignite your motivation

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We are now a good way through with the first half of the year. Our motivation level is dragging on the floor behind us, weighing us down. We have hours of homework that we stare at while pressing play on yet another T.V. show. Let’s face it, the lack of motivation around this time of year happens to all of us. Here are some ways to kick butt at staying motivated.

First of all get your friends to join you. Peer pressure has proven to help individuals do work. Make a study group with some people you have have a lot of classes with or maybe just your hardest class. Plan times when you can all get together and work. It will make doing those hours of homework and studying fly by while also getting some help if needed. Group texts with people you know in your classes can also help. Instead of waiting for your teacher to respond to your email, you can just ask your question to your peers over a text message.

Do you like music? If so, make a playlist. Put songs on your playlist that make you happy and motivated. This will help you get in the right mindset for conquering all of the important work you need to do.

The next thing to help you stay motivated is the satisfaction of finishing everything. Keep going and pushing yourself so at the end you can feel that pressure lift off your shoulders. All the freedom you now have to watch your favorite show on Netflix or maybe hang out with your friends or family.

Grades. Don’t you love them? The looming creatures just waiting to drop your average at every cost. Whenever you feel like you can’t work any more, look at your grades. You will either get motivation to make you grades higher or stay the same. For example if you are getting all A’s I imagine you are going to try hard to keep them that way. Then when you get that oh so pretty report card in the mail it can help boost your motivation for the next six weeks adventure; because let’s face it, it’s never as pretty as you wish it would be.

Ann Richards walk around the track during Friday fitness to help relieve stress. Photo was taken by Ahna Stewart (9).
Ann Richards walk around the track during Friday fitness to help relieve stress. Photo was taken by Ahna Stewart (9).

If you have anything that you need advice on please feel free to email me at [email protected] or come up and talk to me at school. I promise I’m not mean. See you around school.

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