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Search for Spirited Stars: cheer tryouts process begins – The Polaris Press

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Search for Spirited Stars: cheer tryouts process begins

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Jurnee Jackson (10) is a veteran of the cheer team. In addition to cheering for the Stars, Jackson competes in cheerleading on a club team. Photo by Emily Ownby

“Hands on your hips, smile on your lips!” cheer team captain, Guiny Thomas (12), yelled to the group of excited hopefuls in the gym Tuesday afternoon. The second week of April marked the beginning of a tryouts clinic for the 2016-2017 ARS Cheer Team.

Coach of the team, Briana Castaño, is looking for excited and spirited girls to join her team of an undecided number. Additionally, Castaño is looking for a new cheer team captain to replace Thomas, who is graduating in June.  

Thomas has been leading the girls in learning the routine that they will perform for tryouts on April 29th. The routine includes a cheer, movement, and jumps.

Thomas demonstrated the three jumps the girls could choose to add to their routine: pike, hurdle, and toe-touch.

The girls interested in learning the routine were organized into three lines in the large gym. Many team veterans attended the clinic, having to re-tryout for the team. This ensures that everyone will get an equal opportunity for a spot on the team. Current members of the cheer team made up a majority of the front line, including Ryanna Henson (10), Jurnee Jackson (10), Becca Alonso (10), Alyssa Cerda (10), and Julia Pirie (11).  


As a musical theater aficionado and actress Emily Ownby is frequently found in front of an audience or camera, but in contrast she spends just as much time being filming as being filmed. Emily is an avid film maker and video production editor for the Polaris Press who collects playbills from the shows she attends and hopes to be in 15th anniversary production of Wicked on broadway. Outside of newspaper, Emily is a musical theater expert, a certified scuba diver, a member of the Young Women’s Preparatory Network.

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