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Halloween Costumes Walking the Neighborhoods This Season

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In the crowded cafeteria, frantic and excited voices talk about everything from the early release on Halloween day to candy preferences, and of course, costume choices. Halloween is nearly here, and as the big night inches ever closer, ARS girls are scrambling to put the finishing touches on their costumes or start throwing something together.

“I think what makes a costume great is when its unique- no one else has the same one,” said sophomore, Lupita Galvan.

This year more and more girls are going thrifty and original, finding inspiration in everything from DIY trends to their favorite TV shows. Anna Stuart, a 6th grader, is going as a pacman ghost, while her friend Sarah Dickson (also a 6th grader) is going to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

“Its fun to see all the costumes,” said sophomore, Rewon Shimray. “I’m expecting a lot of zombies this year because of TV shows like The Walking Dead.”

Pop culture always makes its way into the costume trends of the season, but of course there are always those old stand-bys. We can expect to be seeing the regular crop of witches, ghosts, pincesses, etc. Bella Roland (6) agrees, “I’m expecting to see a lot of fairies and little red ridinghoods this year,” she said, nodding and looking out to the rest of the cafeteria.

So, wether you’re dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, a zombie, or a gangster, we’re sure to see a lively group of costumes- complete with the classics, new unique looks, and some lively eclectic numbers- shaking up the neighborhood streets this Halloween.

*Have an amazing Halloween costume that you want to show off? Email it to [email protected] to be entered into a Halloween costume photo gallery that will be put up soon.

Georgia Oldham is a senior at ARS, a third year Polaris Press veteran, and a pretty cool cat all around. Born to an aristocratic family in Saint Petersburg; Georgia was quickly smuggled out of Russia and brought to Austin, Texas to avoid numerous political schemes. Since then, she’s been wandering through museums, watching way too much PBS, doodling on just about everything, gobbling up all the chocolate in sight, and honing in on her storytelling skills. She hopes to one day return to Russia to claim her generous inheritance, where of course she will continue to work as a foreign correspondent for the Polaris Press.

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