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Cheerleading squad learns new stunts for 2015 competition

Cheerleading squad learns new stunts for 2015 competition

Rewon Shimray, Staff Writer

The school saw the cheerleading squad’s new stunts for the year in October during the homecoming pep rally. “Well, we did have a little bit of a malfunction, but...  Read More »

November 13, 2014 • 1 comment

Alexis Taylor, Jada Washington and Eliza Martin dress up as football players to get pumped for the game. This is the 3rd year the team undertook the idea of team costumes.

Volleyball players dress as football players to show school spirit

October 21, 2014

The Ann Richards Marching Band run through their show at the AISD Band Jamboree. This is the last Jamboree for senior Idalis Maldonado (center trumpet player). Photo by Alex Loera

Marching Stars take on the 2014 AISD Marching Band Jamboree

September 28, 2014


Volleyball team keeps title as district champs

September 21, 2014

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What the world was like when Rosetta was launched

What the world was like when Rosetta was launched

Meredith Oldham, Staff Writer

10 years, 8 months, and 18 days ago, space probe Rosetta left Earth. The date was March 2nd, 2004. It was a Tuesday and my sixth birthday was exactly one week away. Ten...  Read More »

November 19, 2014 • 0 comments

The logo for the organization is based off of the founding rescue of a local bobcat.

Protecting frail populations

November 18, 2014

Barnard College Gates. Photo credit to Emil from Flickr, Creative Commons.

Home is not a place

October 20, 2014

The backyard of an adobe house near Fort Davis.

On West Texas, mixed feelings, and finding home

October 16, 2014

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Congressman awards Naval Academy nomination to ARS senior

Congressman awards Naval Academy nomination to ARS senior

Willa Smith and Gus Dexheimer

Congressman Roger Williams visited Ann Richards this morning to award senior Sofia Hruby a Naval Academy nomination. This letter of nomination is the final step in Hruby's...  Read More »

November 21, 2014 • 0 comments

Itzel and Abby, juniors, work on making a Do-Nothing toy. They will host a workshop on how to make this toy on Sunday, November 23rd.

Weekend workshops begin in the ARS Makerspace

November 17, 2014


ARS hosts blood drive

November 16, 2014

Block Walking: Waste of Time or Important?

November 5, 2014

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Love some things, hate others

Love some things, hate others

Emily Weaver, Staff Writer

My friends say I'm "addicted" to coffee, and they're probably right. I love coffee day and night, at home or on the go, chain-bought or local. I love black coffee just...  Read More »

November 11, 2014 • 0 comments

Neighbors of Dr. Craig Spencer received fliers on Thursday, in both English and Spanish, regarding the Ebola virus. Some neighbors gathered on Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, outside Dr. Spencer's Harlem building. (Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Does Ebola deserve hysteria?

November 8, 2014

Netflix worthy Halloween films to watch on a full moon

October 23, 2014


Family Heirloom

October 7, 2014

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3 upcoming book-to-movie adaptations

3 upcoming book-to-movie adaptations

Emily Weaver, Staff Writer

Most people love to see their favorite book hit the big screen.  But why wait to find out when you see a trailer for the film? Here are 3 upcoming...  Read More »

October 23, 2014 • 1 comment

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